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Published on March 5, 2008

Author: Ming


General Bruce Carlson 5 October 2005:  General Bruce Carlson 5 October 2005 NDIA - Air Armament Symposium I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Slide2:  Overview Future Weapons Challenge Way Ahead Future Weapons – Directed Energy:  Future Weapons – Directed Energy Force Protection Precision Engagement RF/HPM Electronic Attack Long Range Strike Space Situational Awareness RF Active Denial System:  RF Active Denial System Capability: Longest range non-lethal weapon available from land, sea, or air Ground Based Capability 1-5 years Air and Sea Based Capability 6-10 Years Transformational Attributes - Robust non-lethal effect - Long range, deep magazine - Large safety margin and invisible beam HPM Electronic Attack:  HPM Electronic Attack Capability: Disrupt adversaries critical military and infrastructure electronics and communications equipment Mid-term Capability 8-12 years Transformational Attributes - Wide area swath; speed of light delivery minimizes acquisition, pointing, & tracking - Multiple targets per engagement; multiple engagements per mission - Graduated effects from deny to destroy - Little or no collateral damage (non-lethal) against “morally-hardened” targets Slide6:  Capability: Destruction of boosting theater missiles at strategically significant ranges with a high energy laser from a 40,000 foot loitering 747 aircraft The Airborne Laser (ABL) Transformational Attributes - Boost phase intercept counters MIRV advantage - Light speed time of flight for salvos - Vital component of Family of Systems - High potential as ISR platform Slide7:  Future Weapons – Directed Energy Exciting weapon system capabilities on the horizon ... but the challenge is to: Integrate effects with ongoing battlefield operations - Provide effective command and control The Air Force Vision:  The Air Force Vision AF Vision: 1990s CSAF Perspective QDR 2005 Persistence Cursor Over the Target Predictive Battlespace Awareness One Time of Flight Persistent C4ISR Global Mobility Rapid Strike Organizing Constructs Core Strategic Capabilities Global Vigilance Global Reach Global Power Global Engagement The Air Force Vision:  The Air Force Vision Air Cyber Space FIND FIX TRACK TARGET ENGAGE ASSESS Slide10:  Narrowing the Gaps Operation DESERT STORM Operation ALLIED FORCE Operation IRAQI FREEDOM Operation ENDURING FREEDOM EFX 98 JEFX 00 Operation DESERT STORM:  Operation DESERT STORM - Air Tasking Order (ATO) Manually Generated Process -- Disseminated by AUTODIN - ISR Collection Management Plan -- Not responsive to dynamic environment - Coordination Accomplished by Phone - Shooter Committed by Voice Relay from AOC thru AWACS Operation ALLIED FORCE:  Operation ALLIED FORCE - ATO Generation Became Automated -- Senior AOC Director could view ATO and make changes - ISR Center Supported Combat Operations -- Received ISR feeds; manual ID of TCTs -- Coordination accomplished by phone - Shooter Committed by SATCOM from AOC via AWACS - EFX 98 Impacts -- Space Support Teams in CAOC -- Joint Targeting Workstation/Tactical Fusion Prototype -- Limited SOF integration – enhanced CSAR of downed F-117/F-16 pilots Operation ENDURING FREEDOM:  Operation ENDURING FREEDOM - First TST Cell Within AOC Combat Operations -- Spreadsheets used to manage TCTs -- Falcon View used to manually update airspace control & fire support - Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) First Used -- Enabled ATO generation and dissemination -- Added applications to assist planners and Wing Ops Centers - ISR Collection Manager Assigned Directly to Combined Forces CC -- Most integrated ISR in modern warfighting history - Shooter Committed by SATCOM from AOC via AWACS -- Some B-52s and B-1s used Combat Track II – few had capability Operation IRAQI FREEDOM:  Operation IRAQI FREEDOM - Significant Capability Improvement in TCT -- Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Developed --- Used Lessons Learned from OEF, JEFX, INTERNAL LOOK, etc - Collaboration Significantly Improved -- TBMCS Became Web-enabled -- Global Command Control System, Info Workspace, Chat, C2PC -- Data Links and SATCOM improved C2/Cockpit Communication - Non-traditional ISR Used -- Targeting Pods on F-15s, F-16s, A-10s, and B-52 -- Provided High-Resolution Ground Target Video Work to be Done:  Work to be Done - JEFX 04 – Implement Lessons Learned -- Coalition and Service integration top priority – CSAF -- Included 3,000 Joint and Coalition members -- Demonstrated C2 Constellation and Constellation Net Vision - JEFX 06 – Focus Areas -- Continuous Air Planning and Execution -- ConstellationNet -- ISR Fusion -- Homeland Security/Defense - TBMCS -- All five AOCs to be upgraded - Jan 06 through Sep 06 - AOC Weapon System Upgrades -- FY06-08 --- Airspace management, improved coalition interoperability -- FY08-09 --- Reduced manning, improved target mensuration and recognition -- FY10-11 --- Deployable AOC, fused CoP, automated target recognition Slide16:  “We are going to figure out how to have conversations between airborne platforms, unmanned, on the ground, in the air. We’ll build a constellation that marries up the manned and the unmanned. Create that network in the sky that will pass the information around.” General John Jumper, CSAF “Proficiency in the integration of air and space power is going to be the hallmark for future AF leaders. It is crucial that they have a well-developed aerospace picture to better integrate AF capabilities into the joint arena.” Lt Gen David Deptula, Commander, Kenney WFHQ - Real-Time Intuitive Information - Seamless Integration of Combined, Coalition and Joint Effects - Machine to Machine ISR Sensor and Platform Integration and Synchronization C4ISR / AOC Integration The Air Force Vision:  The Air Force Vision Air Cyber Space FIND FIX TRACK TARGET ENGAGE ASSESS Slide18:  Modern American Warfighting Capabilities Future Inter-dependent, Net-enabled & Effects-based Operations Desert Storm Integrated Operations Desert One Collaborative and Interoperable; Target-based Korean War Independent but Coordinated WWII Isolated and Stovepiped On the Threshold of a Major Increase in Combat Capabilities Way Ahead:  Way Ahead Disciplined Requirements & Development Process Define User & Industry Standards Enforce Standards Increased Government & Industry Cooperation

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