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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: iesfraypedro



Life and political performance of our best Spanish enlightened king and his ministers.

IES FRAY PEDRO DE URBINA. Sara Fernández / Paula Santamaría. 4º ESO, 2013-14


 Son of Philip V and Isabel of Farnesio.  In his chilhood he became interested in hunting and fishing.  In Naples he got married with María Amalia and they had 13 children.

 He returned to Spain because his stepbrother Ferdinand VI died without heir.  On 9th December of 1759, he became king of Spain.  He was an absolute monarch.

 During his reign he was helped by politicians: Wall, Grimaldi, Esquilache, Campomanes, Floridabl anca o Aranda.  He wasn't very learned but he was interested in culture and he wanted to help the peasants.  His son, Charles IV, will be king of Spain and he was worried because his son wasn´t prepared.  When his wife died he suffered a depression.  After the death of his son Gabriel he died five years later.

 It was a intellectual movement in the 18th century that wanted to use reason, science and education to reform society.  They criticized the traditional structures so they wanted to reform the Ancien Régime.

 He was a Spanish politician in the enlightenment.  He was public prosecutor (fiscal) in the Council of Castile where he met Campomanes.

 He was ambassador in Rome, so he had to solved the problems between Charles III and the Papacy. The king gave him the title of count of Floridablanca.  WITH CHARLES III: - He supported the American colonies in the War of Independence against England. - He recovered Menorca and Florida, but he didn´t recover Gibraltar. - After the death of Charles III and with the French Revolution, he imposed new laws to protect the country against the revolution.

 He was a Spanish politician in the enlightenment.  After a lot of works Charles III appointed him minister of Treasury.

 He applied some measures to reform the Spanish economy.  He wanted to give the free lands of the Church to the farmers.  He released the taxes on trade and agriculture, so they grew.  With Olavide and Aranda (ministers) he organized the repopulation of Sierra Morena.  He was appointed president of the Royal Council of Castile.  In the Spanish Cortes he suggested a law that prohibited women to reign.

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