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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: Careerpatri



This presentation is about the way, in which Schools and Colleges can adopt World Class Career Guidance and Student Counseling Standards, by associating with the Careerpatri's Career Planning System.

INDIA’S 1 st CAREER ASSESSMENT AND GUIDANCE WEB PORTAL Proven Successful, Secured & Scientific Approach Works To Meet Student’s Career Counselling And Guidance Needs Based on the world’s most up-to-date practices, in Education & Vocational Psychology !

No Other, Parallel Product Existent In Nation (All IN ONE) 1 2 3 Internationally World’s Largest World Famous Self Acclaimed, Psychology Occupational Development Tools Like Based, Career Information Network SWOT Analysis & Assessments Database Career Action Planner Based On Work Of Leading International Psychologists And Research Work Of Over 30 Years In Field Of Vocational Psychology.

Index Page Psychology Based Approach To Career Development Benefits: Schools & Colleges Benefits: Users (Students) 4 Stages of Career Planning Internet Based Self Running Mechanism Effortless System For Schools & Colleges Getting Started Administrator (School/College) Account Overview Support System Program Overview ANNEXURE Program Detail: Section A Section B Section C Research Based Assessments Career Theories: Holland Theory Career Theories: Prediger's Dimensional Model Career Theories: Theory of Work Adjustment Contacts

Program Based on Psychology for Career Planning & Development Scale of Learning & Growth This Program empowers .... …..Schools & Colleges to set global standards in Student Counseling and Career Guidance. …..students to take Career decisions Scale of Time with a logical & Scientific Approach .

Why Careerpatri for Schools & Colleges ? Benefits Add to the institution’s education-bouquet, globally renowned and accepted career guidance practices. Set International Standards In Student Counselling & Guidance at your Institution, within one working day. Enhance your Institution’s Brand Image and Public Reputation. Replace the need of a Psychologist in your School or College.

Why Careerpatri For Students? Students benefit at 3 levels 3 Personality Development & Focussed Growth With SWOT Analysis. LEVEL 2 Students Take Career Decisions With a Logical and Scientific Approach. LEVEL Linking Academics With Personal Interests & Values. 1 Making Education More Purposeful & Interest Oriented. LEVEL

4 Stages of Career Planning & Development 360 degree self survey (with feedback from Explore work parents, teachers Create and work areas that are in and friends) that upon a career action Use of harmony with measures student plan with the purpose psychometrics one’s personality SWOT(Strength of consolidating to measure the and also to Weakness strengths, most powerful understand the Opportunity & converting weakness psychological level of academic Threats). It & opportunities into aspects of a and personal becomes a strengths and student, that competencies personal portfolio minimise threats. influences (foundational) and shows the one’s required to attain mirror image of an performance. an exponential individual in terms career growth. of personal attributes of SWOT. Self Assessment Exploration Mirror Image Action Plan

Internet – based Self Running Mechanism • Internet Based System • Fully Automated Full Flexibility of Time and Pace Students can work at home Requires only 15 minutes a day ONLY REQUIRES STUDENT, PC & INTERNET Anytime, Anywhere !

Effortless System for Schools & Colleges Very Easy to Implement and Maintain: Set up a Corporate Account & Start Within Hours. Fully Integrates with the Education System •N o C l a s s r o o m A c t i v i t y •N o A d m i n i s t r a t i v e P a i n s o r S u p e r v i s i o n •N o M a n u a l G u i d a n c e o r I n s t r u c t i o n s n e e d e d •N o L e d g e r B o o k s , N o M a n u a l R e c o r d s •H a s s l e F r e e P a y m e n t M a n a g e m e n t S y s t e m RISK-FREE DEAL FOR SCHOOLS & COLLEGES •F r e e T r i a l U s a g e ( S c h o o l s / C o l l e g e s ) •N o l o n g t e r m c o m m i t m e n t •N o l i c e n s e f e e , N o f r a n c h i s e e f e e •R e t u r n o n i n v e s t m e n t ( R O I ) u p - t o 4 0 %


SCHOOL’S Change Password WEB ACCOUNT Update Company Profile Update Personal Profile Request Membership (Admin ID) My Distributor My Profile Membership Cancellation and Reallocation Manage Account New Requests from Student User Requests RUC (Student Membership) Request Credits RUC Cancellation Request Groups Manage (Purchase) Credits Purchase History Search Usage Summary Create & Edit Group Assign Group to Students Issue Test Key to All Students in a Group Change User Group Search Students with Name, Test Name or Group View Complete User Breakdowns (Personal, Test, Group OR Test Reports)

Support System


Program Overview SECTION - A SECTION - B SECTION - C Module 1 Module 4 Module 6 Psychometric Assessment Conduct Student's SWOT Creating Career Action Plan Test Analysis Sub-Module 1: Ability Analysis Sub-Module 2: Skill Analysis Module 2 Sub-Module 3: Knowledge Analysis Choice of Career Option Sub-Module 4: Style Analysis Sub-Module 5: Task Analysis Sub-Module 6: Activity Analysis NOTE* : Sub-Module 7: Work Context Administrator Remarks Analysis (Suggestions or guidelines, made by School Counselor or Module 3 Module 5 teacher, based on student performance and action plan) Explore the Career Options PvO Mapping

Program Detail (Section A) Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Psychometric Assessment Test: Choice of Career Option Explore the Career Options (To choose any one (Any two Career Options are (Explore the Career psychology based test from chosen from the given list of Options in terms of Interest Assessment, Values occupations that match personal competencies Assessment or Personality student's personality) required at foundational Assessment) and academic level for a student) Objective: To prevent the students Objective: from pre-mature foreclosure of the choice of career To adopt two of the world's stream based on Objective: most famous and widely incomplete, biased, wrong practiced theories in the field information or stereo-types. To give students a more of student counselling and (Choosing personality based practical picture of their vocational psychology, and career option, is like setting dreams and allow them to measure student's psychic one's sail and moving in a explore their career factors, that are directly direction that is in harmony options in terms of responsible for their thinking, with the wind direction. i.e. personal and academic behavior and performance one's personality, values competencies required at patterns. and beliefs.) School/College level.

Program Detail (Section B) Module 4 Module 5 Conduct Student's SWOT Analysis PvO Mapping (360 degree self-survey of those personal effectiveness and academic competencies of the (Person versus Occupation student, that are essential for him/her at School Mapping is the probability level, as per the personality) percentage for achieving Sub-Module 1: Ability Analysis success or failure in the Sub-Module 2: Skill Analysis chosen Career Option. The Sub-Module 3: Knowledge Analysis percentage is calculated on Sub-Module 4: Style Analysis basis of the current Sub-Module 5: Task Analysis foundational and academic Sub-Module 6: Activity Analysis competencies acquired by Sub-Module 7: Work Context Analysis the student in School/College) (Each sub-module has a set of 10 multiple choice questions, based on the student's personality and the chosen career option) Objective: Objective: It measures the extent (in To make student personality absolutely transparent at percentage) to which, the mental, emotional and at physical levels of existence. chosen career option Also to create the student's personal portfolio, complements the student's characterized by the Strength and Weakness that they personality and aptitude possess, and Opportunity and Threats that they are as a whole. likely to face on their career path.

Program Detail (Section C) Module 6 Creating Career Action Plan (This is an e-Journal, where student notes down the essence of one's self- interpretation and translates the result into a practical plan of action) Objective: To write down the list of (simple day to day) activities that will be essential to consolidate the strengths, use them to maximize opportunities, improve upon weaknesses and minimize potential threats. Administrator Remarks (Place where student reads the comments, suggestions or guidelines, made by School Counselor or teacher, based on student performance and action plan) Objective: To ensure the commitment and quality of student involvement in the Education and Career Development program. And also allow them to have a better self-understanding and to create an action plan that is genuine, workable and challenging at the same time.

Research Based Assessments Interest Profiler Values Profiler Personality Profiler Interest and values profilers are owned by U.S Department of Labour, Employment and Training Administration (DOL/ETA). All O*Net Assessments are copyrighted. O*Net is a trademark of DOL/ETA. Extensively Pilot Tested and developed adhering to the highest psychometric standards set by American Psychological Association, American Education Research Association, and National Council of Measurement in Education. Based on 30 years of Research work conducted by leading Vocational Psychologists of the World.

Research Based Assessments Interest Profiler Values Profiler Personality Profiler Holland Theory of Vocational Personality and Values Profiler is Interest Profiler is compatible with compatible with Theory of Work Adjustment. Construct validity and reliability evidence. Easy to use and understand. English language level of eight standard used. Tested for bias on account of nationality, ethnicity, culture or gender group. Found and Proven to be completely consistent with all psychometric properties .

WORLD’S BEST CAREER THEORIES Based on the most widely accepted theories in student guidance and counselling practices. Proven Success Pillars in the field of Education and Vocational Psychology. Holland theory Prediger’s Theory of of Vocational Dimensional Work Personality Model Adjustment

Career Theories Holland Theory Dr. Holland's RIASEC Model Holland Theory of Vocational Personality And Work Environment •Dr. John Holland's RIASEC model has dominated vocational psychology for several decades. •Most Popular Career Theory in the World. •A theory that revolutionized the delivery of vocational assistance worldwide. •A theory that is simple and eminently practical.

Career Theories Holland Theory Dr. Holland's RIASEC Model Theory Says: •6 factor typology describes both persons and work environments. Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E) & Conventional (C). •An Individual’s career pathway is the expression of his / her personality. •No one person is of one personality type. Every individual has each of the 6 elements to some degree. Only top 2 - 3 most dominant codes are used for career guidance. •Holland Codes are therefore used to describe 720 different personality patterns in students.

Career Theories Prediger’s Dimensional Model A n I n t r i g u i n g R e f o r m u l a t i o n o f H o l l a n d T h e o r y. Dimension : 2 (People Vs. Things) Dimension :1 (Data Vs. Ideas) Prediger says that the fundamental structure of interests involves two dimensions

Career Theories Prediger’s Dimensional Model Dimension :1 Dimension :2 (Data Vs. Ideas) (People Vs. Things) This dimension This dimension refers refers to preference to the preference for for working with working with other concrete data versus people versus working abstract concepts. with tools, objects, and machines. The data pole falls between the Conventional The people pole corresponds to the Social and Enterprising types; the ideas pole falls type; the things pole corresponds to the between the Investigative and Artistic types. Realistic type.

Career Theories Theory of Work Adjustment Developed for extensive research conducted at University of Minnesota (Dawis & Lofquist, 1984) Evolved over 4 decades of research by renowned psychologists Has led to the development of some of the world’s best known psychometric instruments in Vocational Psychology.

Career Theories Theory of Work Adjustment Model for conceptualising the interaction between Individuals & their Environments . Ability Abilities Requirement Work Individual Environment Needs Reinforcement System In simple words, it states that people or students derive satisfaction from their environment, when: 1) They have the necessary aptitude and ability to perform the work 2) The Environment satisfies those needs & values of an individual, which are most important to him/her.

Careerpatri Call Us: (+91) 9216901117 Virtual Address: E-Mail: Postal Address: Plot Number 19, First Floor, Industrial Area, Phase – 1, Chandigarh, Punjab – 160001 Fax: (+91) 172 46 06 212

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