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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: RyanCosmic


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Career Moves Of Modern Times Having a career these days is not all about sticking to one job for the rest of your life anymore. Stability may be one of the ingredients to a happy career but it does not necessarily mean having to stay in the same job for the rest of your working days. These days, it is all about finding a stable job that pays well, keeps you happy doing it, and gives you the best opportunity for achievements towards self-actualization. Here are some of the bravest moves you can do in these modern times. Travel Abroad One of the most complex, yet rewarding career moves you can do in these modern times is to find employment abroad. While it is quite a big risk to take, it can be the best move you will ever do for your work life. Take note that this move will change your life on a bigger scale. You will be moving to a different place that might speak a different language, have different values, and have a different culture that may alter your way of thinking. You might even choose to live there and bring or raise your family. If you opt not to live there permanently, you will still be a changed man when you return to your home country. Another advantage would be that if you simply work abroad to gain experience, you will have that in your resume when you apply for a higher position back in your home country. It will be something of an advantage to have that and it may easily convince prospect employers of your competence and expertise. Upgrade Your Qualifications To keep your head above water in the competition on the labor market, you will have to keep your skills updated. Your employability somehow relies on whether your skills are still useful to them. If it means that you will have to take up a course or attend seminars and similar trainings, then think of it Cosmic Coaching Centre as an investment towards the future of your career. Your future employers will appreciate the effort of you trying to keep your qualifications updated. Know Your Modern Gadgets Email, video conferencing, social media and many other gadgets to enhance communication are out there for you to take advantage of. Do not fear technology for they are very useful tools that are going to aid you in your future tasks. Knowledge and proper use of these tools are great additions and attractive skills to put in your resume that will help give you an edge when you apply for certain positions. Take the time to learn how to use them and you will soon reap the benefits of being technologically adept. These are a few of the best career moves you can do by taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer. Assess your work life and plan your career ahead. There are so many things you can do to attain the financial stability you long for in the future. Common Misconceptions on Choosing A Career Deciding on what you are going to do for a living is not easy, nor is it very difficult. A lot of people are lucky enough to immediately know what they are going to be. Some do pursue the dreams they had as a child, while some already know where they are going as they progress in age. Then there are those who are confused as to which direction to take, especially when there are so many factors that could influence someone’s decision, especially if that someone is in the gullible state of finding out what to do with his life. To complicate matter, there are several misconceptions about finding the career that best suits you. Here are some of them, with corresponding insights on why they are not true. Page 2

The career that makes more money will make me happy. Money is not everything, as we have heard so many times. There are several more substantial factors than the superficial reason of working for a good paycheck. While it is quite a nice thing to have a good salary that can afford you better things in life, pairing it up with the added perk of a job that uses your skills to its full potential, and one that aligns with your personal values, then you are all set. But working only for money will not ensure success and happiness in the future. The job I choose will be the one I’ll be stuck in forever. This is not necessarily true. These days we see career changers even in their senior years. If you aren’t happy with the job you are currently in, or with a job you thought you would be happy in before, you always have the option to change it up. Shifting careers has been practiced for a long time already and a lot of people do it. Job satisfaction should always be a factor when you choose to have a lifelong commitment with your employer. If this is lacking, you always have the last word. My relative or friend loves this profession, I think I will too. Think again. You do not have the same attitude, nor do you have the same opinion on everything else. While this is not entirely false, nor is it entirely true. Yes, you can try out whatever profession your friends or relatives are in but there is no guarantee that you are going to like it, or hate it for that matter. Instead of blindly following someone else’s path, make your own road and build it by going with the things you can control, like your interest and what motivates you. These misconceptions are most often heard from applicants who have yet to decide which career path to take. Knowing how to analyze their future is going to help them make fewer mistakes and prevent them from jumping from one unsatisfying job to the next. Assess your goals and your priorities, fins out in your heart what you really want to do, Make your own path, and not follow a worn down, frequently travelled one. Cosmic Coaching Centre Estimate Your True Value Most people keep on changing careers because they haven’t achieved the self-fulfillment they have expected in their current jobs but then again a career change takes an enormous amount of time to plan. Make sure that when you are planning to switch companies or perhaps switch careers, you have already effectively negotiated your compensation package. Given your expertise and your experiences whether you were just a regular employee or a boss, you need to know your true value to a company you are applying for. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate your salary to your future employer: 1. Sell yourself – let them know your true value. Starting from your education to your work experiences. If you were given the opportunity to study and finish college from a reputable institution, don’t let them forget it. Keep explaining about the challenges in your job that you had to go through and tell them the great ideas that you have created to overcome those challenges. Let them think that you know a little bit about everything because the more your employer sees your value, the more they are willing to pay for you. 2. Be clear – tell them what you are willing to let go and keep, such as your home, vacations, holidays, and whatever it is that you value in your personal life too. Think of the things that you are not willing to bargain before you start the negotiations. 3. Light their fire – after the first 2 steps, don’t forget to let them know that you have received several offers from other companies and that you are ready to narrow down your options. This will make them think of your worth in the labor field. Make them think that you can produce amazing results and you are sought after by different organizations Page 3

because it will just lead them to make a better offer than what was originally thought of. 4. Research – read the internet and talk to your network to get an idea on the compensation packages that should be offered to you. Once you find that out, you can start choosing at least the top 3 offers made to you by prospective employers. 5. Test your skills – to make them be sure to choose you and give the suitable compensation for your performance and capacity, do a homework for them to show them how good you really are that they won’t even have to think twice in giving you your dream job. 6. Meet up – never negotiate on the phone. It is best to meet physically to show you are serious about the job. In reality, most people don’t know how to negotiate their salary whenever they change careers and they end up getting what their employers think they deserve. Feeling unappreciated, they end up changing jobs again. In order to save you time and interviews hit the goal the first time and do the job that you love. Always let your employers know that you are a valuable asset to every company no matter how big or small. Respect yourself enough to know what you deserve. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4

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