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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: URCC


44440 years of photographic images seen through the eyes of a female photographer. Ulla Reimer

ALL ART IS USELESS! Oscar Wilde 40 years of the career of a photographic artist, it is also 40 years of a technologic evolution, 40 years of visual art history, 40 years of unique instances, 40 years of passion. Her photography is a true testimony of 40 years of technological changes with analogical photos to numeric, 40 years of photographic history that has come through time. As a reporter to a more artistic manner, 40 years of the passionate passage of this artist life who stated out a simple and humble “special photographer” in the movie industry, 40 years later she is still “behind the camera” What if Oscar was wrong ?

2010 Highway to Eden

Ulla REIMER, a female photographer and visual artist throughout the world for 40 years. CONTENTS General presentation Detailed description Artists presentations contact 2013 tradition ULLA REIMER - France - +33 (0)6 83 59 50 77 - Korea- +82 (0)10 3144 7488 -

40 years of photographic images seen through the eyes of a female photographer. 1973 TO 2013 career in image In 1973 at the age of 16, Ulla Reimer helped at local daily newspaper office based in Frankfort, Germany. She accepted to do an article on the city. Her senior colleagues were surprised at her remarkable and unique talent at such a young age. They continued giving her odd jobs, and encouraged her to continue. She continued on to become a worldwide photo journalist. 1973 Photoreporter 1973 - 1986 On / Off In 1973, Ulla Reimer was sent to Rome to photograph Sophia Loren. Touched by her style, Sophia Loren hired her to become her personal photographer to cover the opening of her film and filming of her second. She also covered many musical events with artists such as The Rolling Stones, Ella Fitzegarld. One year later, she went on to become special photographer and portraitist for a number of well-known international worldwide movie stars and film companies. 1989 Série Noire Her first personal artistic series that was influenced by the cinema. Ulla opted for a particular method to colour her images, dating from the early 20th century. She used translucent aquarelle on her prints, obtaining a colour which became one with the images. This method was considered unique at the time. Her work was exhibited for the first time at Lucernaire, the national art complex in Paris.

1991, Ulla did a series as an homage to surrealistic painters. It was a photographic wizardry as each image were taken with only one shot using artificial lighting without prop or superposing. «ETRE ou ne pas paraître» is an invitation to share emotions, dreams, interrogation and spiritual quest. 1990 Etre ou ne pas Paraître 1993-1995 Eclairs Eclairs represents 160 shots taken over 3 years. After a trial run of one week in Arizona at the unused airplane depot ,Lufthansa was convinced by Ulla’s talent and decided to sponsor her work and associate the exhibition to their collection of Max Ernst, . Thanks to the sponsorship and the freedom given to her by Lufthansa, Editions Cantz edited these series of four themes. 1998 Jaleo 1998 Jaléo These series of image showed yet again a new vision of Ulla Reimer work, always ahead and constantly renewing her techniques .The images were breath of fresh air in the world of photography, contemporary and pure. For the first time, the images developed in the dark room by Ulla presented her images directly on unframed foam –backed plywood. Today this technique is use often but at the time, she was one of the first using this method.

Even though Ulla is trained Analogical Photographer and loves the atmosphere of working in the dark room, which for her is magic and unique. She has moved on to the use of digital photography combining both methods in her work. «Rencontre» is the cobination of two technical univers (analog and digital), and a poetic approach of poesie, inspired by «l’été» a novel of Albert Camus and his discription about light in the south of France. 2009 Rencontre 2010 Highway to Eden A singular light: its variations construct, deconstruct, reconstruct, and purify the vista that unfolds from black to white through all ranges of grey. More than just a stable centre casting over all the captured shapes in their entirety (being then too quickly read, recognized, classified and forgotten), this light unhinges our landmarks in time and space with its dislocated transformations. Alternative perspectives of curves, angles and lines are thus developed, transcending the contradiction between the visual universe and magical visions of the sky. Looking for new horizons , «Highway to Eden» stared in France et was finished in South Korea 2010-2011 (In)Organique In 2009 during a humanitarian project Ulla met Caroline Carles. Seeing the work of Caroline, Ulla is amazed by the sensibilté and the images that emerges, however, carried out with extreme rigor of reflection. It will offer a year later to Caroline to combine their work in a joint exhibition

The year 2012 brought Ulla to Seoul in South Korea where loves the atmosphere and found strong inspiration. Fascinated by the culture and language, the dynamic people, she decided to move for a while to Seoul working on new projects. 2012 South Korea “The most beautiful feeling in the world is the sense of mystery. Anyone who has never experienced this emotion, his eyes are closed”. - Albert Einstein “My artworks were inspired from the Korean flag, in which there is a symbol of Yin-yang. Yin and yang sound opposing forces but they are complementary forces. For example, light cannot be understood if darkness doesn’t exist, and shadow cannot exist without light. Most of my artworks combine nature and artificial objects and that make the mutual whole. For me, Yinyang is a mystery that makes me discover this city, paint my grey palette with colors and express new things with freedom.”

2014 South Korea Orson Welles said that the art is useless. But I think the art is necessary to live a life especially in a world where everything moves fast. Art is an escape from everyday life and a door to another world. Imagination and emotion, which are the main sources of art, give your life a full of energy. That is why I create artworks. And also had the idea to bring together art and business companies. The fist project was about Korean sewing factories .Started by a freelance work for Orgdot social enterprice to renove the website of Disigner Makers finish with an exhibition, photos, installation and presentation . A new way to show production and products of a company.

The exhibition was helt in Geumcheon Atrs Hall ‘’

1980 Ulla 2013 lignes 1975 Ulla and Roger Moore 2012 Ulla Reimer 2013 (In)Organique Ulla Reimer bought her first camera 40 years ago at the age of 16 and never stopped taking photos ever since. First a reporter, she then became a worldwide portraitist especially of actors and film directors in Hollywood and finally dedicated herself to her inner passion : art work. She has taken place in many exhibitions throughout the world, mainly Japan, China, USA, Germany, Korea and France where she has spent the most of her life. From the beginning, she has always been interested in lines and architecture. Although her passion for the magical atmosphere around the development process in the dark room has never extinguished, her recent work has evolved as she now uses both analogical and digital cameras. Over the past years her images used to show mise-en-scene with an architectural background. Nowadays her work goes towards more minimalism and abstraction and spiritual work Maybe a sign that getting older, one leaves aside the unnecessary to concentrate on the very heart of things. More details on

1956 Née à Francfort : french nationality 1973 – 1986 Photoreporter free-lance,, photo journalist Photographe de spectacles : tours of le festival de Blues Nouvelles Orléans et Jazz et concerts with Les Rolling Stones, Charles Aznavour, Pink Floyd,Dire Straits,Chick Coréa,… Special photographer : Tina Turner, Bette Middler, Shirley Mac Laine, Frank Zappa… et pour des compagnies de productions cinématographiques américaines (United Artists, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Canon fi lm…) portraits, shooting, fiming et reportages. Voyages : Etats-Unis, Indes, Japon, Sri Lanka… Foundation of a press agency specialized in film buisness (agence CINETEXTE) Portraits flim makers, producers and actors, shooting of international films , Festival de Film à Cannes… Personal Work about special portraits of actors and film makers : J.L Godard, Glen Close Harrison Ford, John Huston, Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas, Gérard Depardieu, Michel Piccoli, Mickey Rourke, Patrick Dewaere, Nastasia Kinski , and may others 1988 the German Film Museum , Francfort produces the exhibition « On- Off », result of 10 years work in film buisness From 1980 to 2011 permanante residence in BONNIEUX (84) . From 1986 till today fine art photography (cf. CV exhibition). Solo exhibition à JAPAN, ,CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, USA, SOTH KOREA Academic award Bienal in JINAN QUFU(China) 1993 -1995 editions Recueil de cartes posales «Paris Sépia» in limited edition Photobook «Ulla Reimer Photographie» - Edition Cantz Creation of 160 original , limited photographes; Series «ECLAIRS» , sponsored by LUFTHANSA 1995 birth of my daughter LOU From1998 to 2009 Artistic programms for childrens from 3 to 17 ans (cf. CV interventions artistiques) In France and Vietnam Special art and photo student training program Projets suported by l’Education Nationale, des MJC, la Fondation de France, Conseil Général, Mayors Offices EDITION : Portfolio Franco - vietnamien «Carnet Tranche de Vie». From 2004 to 2007 from analogical to digital, video creations (concept , , filming, mouting). Artist Residency « anniversery 40years MJC APT From 2009 to 2011 associated works with Caroline Carles, young upcoming visual artist. Well beeing coaching, «art et entreprise» 2013 to 2015 V_i_s_i_o_n___U_l_l_a_R_e_i_m_e_r Outside exhibition produced by Chateauneuf du Pape Tourism and CCPRO From 2012 till today moved to South Korea: new art projects, exhibitions, freelance photography, photo journalism and art education programs

E X H I B I T 2014 2013 O N SEOUL, Geumcheon Atrs Hall ‘’ SEOUL, Gallery IMAZOO « 2013 Ulla Reimer » 2012 I PACA- Chateau neuf du Pape Tourisme, Projet Vison___UllaReimer SEOUL, Gallery Now «Evolution ,from Hollywood to Eden » SEOUL, Gallery Jireh, Woman Foundation « Yin and Yang » 2011 PARIS, Galerie Arsyne «Duality» avec Caroline Carles PARIS, Artfinder LYON, Espace Paul Ricard «Etre ou ne pas paraitre» 2010 PARIS, Galerie Oberkampf, < (IN)ORGANIQUE > avec Caroline Carles LYON, Espace Kozac, mois de la photo, exposition avec Caroline Carles GORDES, La chapelle, Exposition comune avec Caroline Carles TOKYO, ISJ <WINGS OF FANTASY> 2009 AIX EN PROVENCE <FOOD for SOUL> Exposition «festival du film sur l’environnement» JINAN-QUFU (Chine) Contemporary International Photography Biennale <WINGS OF FANTASY> et <ETRE OU NE PAS RARAITRE> Prix de l’Académie Supérieur 2008 AIX EN PROVENCE REGARDS CROISES <ETRE OU NE PAS RARAITRE> rétrospective Musée de Tapisserie 2007 ARLES, Maison des Associations Création Vidéo dans le cadre des Rencontre de la Photographie PORT DE BOUC Création Vidéo et Photo, invitée d’honneur 2004 APT, MJC Résidence d’Artiste (Oct.2003 à Juin2004) < Les 40 ans de la MJC> Installation, Exposition, Projection 2002 GORDES, Château <JALEO> 2001 TOKYO, Pentax Gallery <WINGS OF FANTASY> AIX EN PROVENCE Espace Sextus <ETRE OU NE PAS RARAITRE> 2000 ARLES, Espace MPT <ECLAIRS>, dans le cadre des Rencontre de la Photographie 1999 ALLAUCH, Invitée d’honneur, PHOCAL le vieux bassin <ECLAIRS-Ailes> 1998 TOKYO, Pentax Gallery <ECLAIRS-Nocturne> <JALEO OU LE REEL TRANSFIGURE> GORDES, Aumônerie St.Jacques <ECLAIRS>, <ETRE OU NE PAS RARAITRE> LYON, Palais de Bondy, Journée de la photographie <ECLAIRS> 1996 Festival d’AVIGNON, Théâtre de l’Escalier <ECLAIRS - TOKYO-TO> NEMOURS, Mois de la Photo Invitée d’honneur <ECLAIRS - SYMBIOSE > LYON, Journée de l’Image Photographique <FRAGMENTS> LOURMARIN, Espace Karas <ECLAIRS> MARSEILLE, Espace Ecureuil <ECLAIRS > 1994 YOKOHAMA, Festival du Film Français <ON-OFF> OSAKA, Galerie AF, Festival de Film International <ON-OFF> FRANCFORT, Atelier Nr.695 rétrospective YOKOHAMA, Galerie Institut Franco-Japonais <PARIS - SEPIA> 1993 TOKYO, Pentax Forum <VIT-LE-REVE> OSAKA, Pentax Forum <VIT-LE-REVE> MARSEILLE, Espace Ecureuil <VIT-LE-REVE> MARSEILLE, Atrium CG13 <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> OSAKA, Galerie Espace <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> FUKUOKA, Galerie Amikasu <SERIE NOIRE> NARA, Galerie AF <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> 1992 AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Espace Sextus <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> TOKYO, Galerie Institut Franco-Japonais <SERIE NOIRE> YOKOHAMA, Galerie Institut Franco-Japonais <SERIE NOIRE> ISTRES, MPT invitée d’honneur <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> 1991 ARLES, Espace MPT <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> dans le cadre des Rencontre de la Photographie OSAKA, Pentax Gallery <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> <OMBRE ET LUMIERE> AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Espace Méjane <ON-OFF> OSAKA, Pentax Gallery <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> <OMBRE ET LUMIERE> 1990 PARIS, ESEC <SERIE NOIRE> dans le cadre du mois de la photo MONTROUGE, 35.Salon d’Art Contemporain <ETRE OU NE PAS PARAITRE> NEMOURS, invitée d’Honneur, Festival de Photo <SERIE NOIRE> 1989 PARIS, Lucernaire - Centre d’Art et d’Essai <SERIE NOIRE> 1988 AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Galerie Fontaine Obscure <OMBRE ET LUMIERE> BONNIEUX, Galerie St. Dieu <SERIE NOIRE> AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Office Départementale de la Culture <SERIE NOIRE> FRANCFORT, Musée de Cinéma <ON-OFF> 10 ans de portaits dans le monde du cinéma

© (in)Organique by Ulla Reimer and Caroline Carles Interested in exhibitions, collecting original or freelance works Please contact : ULLA REIMER - France - +33 (0)6 83 59 50 77 - Korea- +82 (0)10 3144 7488 - -

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