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Published on August 15, 2010

Author: pc381


Slide 1: Carrier Prayog driving innovation Career Be career oriented! not a carrier for others career Profile 1 : Profile 1 1950: Stood first in BA (Hons), Economics, Punjab University , Chandigarh 1952; Stood first in MA (Economics), Punjab University , Chandigarh 1954; Wright's Prize for distinguished performance at St John's College, Cambridge, 1955 and 1957; Wrenbury scholar, University of Cambridge, 1957; DPhil ( Oxford), DLitt (Honoris Causa); PhD thesis on India's export competitiveness Profession : Economist And many more awards, recognitions. Profile 2 : Profile 2 L.C.E. (Diploma in Civil Engineering) at Lakshamma Venkataswamy Occupational Profession : Agriculture Compare Profile 1 and 2 : Compare Profile 1 and 2 Both are into politics Became PM of India Famous icon Career is not just about what you learn or earn, It is all about being in society with dignity. While choosing course : While choosing course Which stream? Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Social service, Govt. service Which sub stream ? Dental course, General medicine, Mechanical, Computers Which is better for me? Who are you? What do you want to do? What are your goals and feasibility of goals. I am on track of my career goal? Problem? After ….. : After ….. Should I go for higher study? Again which stream? . . . . . Should I search for a job? Which job is suitable for me? Which domain is good for me? Should I start a business? Which one and how? I am on track of my career goal? Higher study : Higher study Was it worth to choose this? What is the difference between what I studied and what I am studying now? Education is an investment. What I am getting in return? Job or business or higher study? I am on track of my career goal? Job : Job Am I OK with Job? Satisfied and good for my growth? If I need change, what change I need? Any value addition to me? New technology I am on track of my career goal? Business : Business Am I doing good enough? Am I capable to catch up with change How can I increase my capital and profit Higher study will help me? I am on track of my career goal? Slide 11: GOAL JOB EDUCATION Higher Education/ Better Job What to do? : What to do? Decide your career goal Change is rule, so keep track of your goal and change if required! Decision making Identify possible solutions to reach goal. Choose according to your capabilities, financial support. Planning Plan, how to achieve them. Set short-term goals Execution Option 1 : Higher Studies : Option 1 : Higher Studies Study is an investment as per business. Unlike business, study always gives profit. There is always gain by study. But how much it will help in reaching your goal? Are you learning something new different? Time factor on study. Over qualification problem. Which stream? : Which stream? MBA or Mtech Million dollar question. Why MBA? How much you know about MBA? Why Mtech? How much you know about Mtech? Will it help in reaching my goal? Other options : Other options Research operations Administrative services (IAS/KAS) Academic career Entrepreneur And many more Option 2: Job : Option 2: Job Nothing personal in this, its professional. It is choice or chance? You may decide which C you want in academy. Job satisfaction; its not just money. Personal growth and security. How close to your goal? Change in Job : Change in Job What for? Really necessary? What is your expectation of change and where you will get? Is it worth? How well you can balance life and work? Fresher's expectation I want hell lot of work. I want to prove myself I am ready to work 24 hours Money is not important, I need job. Money is most important, no matter what job. CHANGE* is good. * Conditions apply Other option : Other option Self employment/Business Non-engineering/non-IT jobs Professional training Teaching/research Slide 19: What do you wanna do? What to do? : What to do? Set a short term goal. Set a long term goal. Know what you are and what you can. Keep track of where you are going. Always check how feasible is your goal. What can take you to goal. Decision making and planning Look for change. Smile at least. Don’t be bored or get bored!

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