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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Shariyar



Welcome :  Welcome Career Capstone Project Got your motor running, head out for the high way … Please visit my site By Steven Renaud Instructor: Mrs. Tobin What is a capstone Project?:  What is a capstone Project? Capstone Requirements: This capstone meets the requires of the following capstone parameters: Is a major project Is based on a clearly stated vision, problem or issue. Is action research driven Shows evidence of learning and understanding prior knowledge related to the topic. Includes evidence of processing, integrating and applying knowledge. Demonstrates professional growth. Has a continuing life after the program. Is collaborative. Positively affects students in the community member's work setting. Table of contents:  Table of contents Career capstone core question The beginning Research a the chosen career Rhodes Island schools Certifications and Degrees Final reflection on the project and experiences Create and deliver and oral presentation How can a Coventry High School student become a successful high performance and off road automotive mechanic? :  How can a Coventry High School student become a successful high performance and off road automotive mechanic? A Career Capstone project. Career capstone core question :  Career capstone core question How does one become a successful Automotive MECHANIC? Now think about How does a career in AUTOMOTIVE impact society? Is there enough demand for the service? How are the salary ranges going compared to other service type professions? How do I get educated in this field? What will it cost for this education. Where will I work? The beginning:  The beginning The Beginning point was the seed of passion. Knowing that this is the career that you are choosing for your adult life!! Let’s take a look a few of our many options! What study are we looking for? Well lets see lets start at the beginning of course we need to look at the Prerequisites to the career path that you have chosen. A few choices to choose from:  Basic automotive service technician Specialized in high end cars BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar etc. etc... Foreign Automotive Diesel mechanic Truck Mechanic Motorcycle ATV Mechanic Large Special Off Road Mechanic High Speed, racing team mechanic Shall I go on? A few choices to choose from To start with :  To start with The beginning point is usually the “Basic” starter class. Is usually called the Automotive Service Technician. “AST Certificate”. This one is a must if you want to be employed ant working under that title. As we grow & Learn :  As we grow & Learn The Beginning point was the seed of passion. A Career in Automotive The seed becomes a small plant Continuing your education The plant grows and matures Your career has started and you are earning a living by your dream The plant matures and drops new seeds and the cycle continues. Start teaching the profession to others just starting out. Education :  Education High schools that offer Career shops Coventry High School Davies Vocational School Chariho Area Career Center Cranston area Career center East providence Career Center There are many in the State and many more outside RI Are Certifications required?:  Are Certifications required? There are many certification areas you can investigate. One is Automotive service of excellence. This institute provides and creates “STANDARDS” Standards are needed to regulate the requirements that an individual must accomplish to legally work under that level of employment. There are also degree’s that you may work towards:  There are also degree’s that you may work towards Associates Bachelors These would not be required however extremely helpful when attempting to “Run a Business” Demand for this career:  Demand for this career There is a high demand for this career. Every day a new car gets designed somewhere in the world and there needs to be a mechanic to make the needed repairs. That mechanic could be you. Large Automobile Manufacturers are looking for skilled and certified mechanics. Ford GMC Toyota Volkswagen Just to name a few… Demand for this career :  Demand for this career There are so many avenues you can explore Jobs to consider Tune ups Muffler / Exhaust repair. Tires Engine Auto Body (Car exterior) Demand for this career :  Demand for this career Jobs to consider continued Auto Electric Gas Repairs Diesel Repairs Transmission Specialist Demand for this career:  Demand for this career Specialized services Custom work Detailing High performance Racing Teaching Teaching is an option after you get tired of banging your knuckles… Pay scales:  Pay scales Pay scales vary a lot. There are a lot of jobs to consider.. Education and Experience will be a big factor to you starting pay.. Your overall attitude will also play a large role.. Practice your interview skills.. Pay scales:  Pay scales Starting range for an entry level mechanic is $24,000.00 to $32,000.00 Mid level range is for an experienced mechanic based on length of service and quality of work $26,500.00 to $35,000.00 Pay scales:  Pay scales High level range is for an experienced mechanic based on length of service and previous performance reviews $32,000.00 to $75,000.00 Business Ownership? :  Business Ownership? Back to school for accounting and professional business courses… Check with you local town government on laws Check with your state for licensing requirements Web sites used for this project :  Web sites used for this project Web sites used for this project:  Web sites used for this project Many other resources too many to mention, not mention my personal experience Thank you for attending the 2007 career fair:  Thank you for attending the 2007 career fair I would like to thank my teacher Mrs.Tobin who has guided me through this process. I would like to thank Mrs. Eckert for reminding me to complete every unit step my step. I would like to thank L&S Automotive for allowing me to train with the “BEST” and I would like to thank my Mom for not giving up on me.. ………………………….Thanks Mom!

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