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Published on June 13, 2019

Author: SanjayKapoor37



2. Why Network Marketing It really change lives for the better It’s an opportunity to work in good environment with equal rights to success for everyone It changes life dramatically For the better world class education for children 100 Million People Already Working With Network Marketing Industry 182 Billion Dollar Turnover In A Year 200 Million Dollar Commission Pass Away Daily

3. WHY ORIFLAME? Improve your Income Build a better Future Start your own Business Financial Independence Freedom Win national and international Trips Personal and professional Development Recognition of your achievements

4. Financial Freedom Proven success plan Easy to start Support and training No investment – no risk Mass markets consumer products with repetitive purchases High quality at affordable prices Be your own boss A BUSSINESS MODEL WITH: > > > > > > YOU NEED TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS > >

5. Why To Work With Company From Sweden Sweden is world leader in term of Innovations 99% household waste is recycled in Sweden  Stockholm is the most greenest city in world Sweden supplies A grade water to residents means even tap water is drinkable 25% of police stations goes on holidays, means lowest crime rate Swedish father get lot of days off for parental leave Swedish gets equal rights as given to men Employment rate for women is 80%

6. We, successful entrepreneur Rajive & Sumita Nandwani and Sanjay & Suchita Kapoor, invite you to our team of successful people and teach you how to become a successful person, yourself Our Offer: • For those who are not satisfied with what they have • For those who are looking for better opportunity • For those who think they deserve more in life • For those who do not believe in freebies • For those who are ready to act

7. About Our Network

8. About Our Team  We work in more than 50 cities in India, and already have more than 30000 people in Team  Every month more than 500 new partners join our Team, and the turnover is Rs.35crore  We have free car program for all, We are already part of it  We have My Dream program for all, We are already part of it  20% men in our Team  70% women in our Team  10% couple in our Team

9. On Joining Our Team You Will Receive  Interesting risk free business with the possibility of sure growth  Step by step instructions on how to achieve success and support from successful entrepreneurs  Access to all events : seminars and trainings as well corporate events and parties

10. What is The Essence Of Business  Developing turnover  Creating and managing customers structure  Ability to work both online and offline  Work with consumer goods : health, beauty, body care, hair care, skin care, fragrances, cosmetics, accessories  Your success is guaranteed, because we will teach you a 100% proven business system

11. Joining Our Team As A Result You Will Receive Steadily growing income – in 3-6 months, your income can be Rs.50000 per month in next 9-12 months Gifts, Bonuses, Trips, Possibility to participate in My Dream Program Free 3 National and 3 International Trips

12. How It Works Turnover Commission Income Structure 200 3% Rs.200 to Rs.600 6 people 600 6% Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 15 people 1200 9% Rs.2500 to Rs.3500 25 people 2400 12% Rs.4000 to Rs.7000 40 people 4000 15% Rs.8000 to Rs.15000 60 people 6600 18% Rs.16000 to Rs.25000 100 people 10000 22% Rs.35000 to Rs.50000 150 people 10000 BP = Rs.4,50000/-

13. JOIN THE TEAM If you are wondering how to Achieve this and change your life for the better, we Will tell you where and how To Start and What To Do

14. To Partners – We offer A System To Learn & Develop

15. Become Our Management Team

16. Do You Want A High Income 1. Consumer Discount 2. Consultant Discount / Profit 3. BC / SBC Profit 4. Welcome Programme Profit 5. Activity / Loyalty / Productivity Profit 6. Sponsor Profit 7. Performance Discount Commission 8. Other Bonuses 9. Cash Awards 10. Leaders Club Bonus 11. My Dream Income 12. Travel Benefits 13. Leaders Drivers

17. How It Will Work For Me ? Through Various Growth and Development Training Programe Oriflame Academy A) Oriflame Opportunity B) Oriflame Manager Club C) SARPIO D) SM Club E) Beauty Academy F) Wellness Academy G) Social Media Training H) How To Build Business

18. Stay Connected To Know More THANK YOUSanjay Suchita Kapoor – Diamond Director, No.1, Founder Dazzling Stars Club

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