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Published on January 7, 2014

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* *Cards * Types of Cards * Credit Card * Advantages of Credit Cards * Debit Card * Charge Card * Smart Card * Member Card * Travel Card *Safe Deposit Locker * Operation * RBI Guidelines * Nominations

* *Credit card *Debit card *Charge card *Smart Card *Member card *Travel Card

* *A credit card is a small plastic card around 8.5 cm by 5.5 cm. *It has the name and the account number of the holder embossed on it. In addition, the end of the month and year up to which the card is valid will also be embossed and has a specimen signature panel on the reverse. *The limit up to which the cardholder can make purchases in a month is also informed to the cardholder, this limit is called the cardlimit.

* *A part of this limit is permitted to be used for withdrawing cash for emergency purposes and service fee for such withdrawals is levied. *On Us and Off Us Transaction. *Cardholder can pay in installments. *A service fee is charged on the rest amount payment of which is deferred.

* *Limited in what can be done. *Payment pretty straight forward. *Requires credit check & approval. *Market seems to be at saturation point.

* *Banks can take up departmentally or establish separate subsidiary. If departmentally no RBI permission is required otherwise required. *Banks with TNW of above 100 crores can take up this work. *Co-branded cards may also be issued. *Should strictly follow BCSBI (Banking codes and Standards Board of India) code and IBA guidelines. *Details are provided in M.C. No. 13/71 on July 2, 2012 (RBI).

* To the cardholder: *Make trouble-free travel or purchase. *It allows him to draw cash too. *It inculcates a sense of financial discipline in them. *Provides a proof of purchase *Exposure to banking inspirations. *Extends additional facilities like insurance cover/discount, etc.

* *Increase in sales. *Preferred locations by a cardholder. *Less need for the merchant establishments. *Systematic accounting. *Advertising and promotional support on a national scale. *Development of a prestigious clientele base.

* *Scope and potential for better profitability out of share earned from the trader’s turnover. *Helps in establishing banking relationship with new customers. *Provides additional customer service to the existing clients. *Better network spread of cardholders and their increased use. *Savings of expenses on cash holding/stationery printing and manpower to handle.

* *Same as credit card in many aspects. *Difference is that the account of the cardholder is debited as soon as each transaction is notified to the issuer. *If the balance is insufficient to cover the debit, the transaction will be rejected. *It replaces the requirement of carrying cash or cheque book when the transactions are being carried out.

* 1)Offline processing 2) Online processing 12

* A charge card is a card that provides a payment method enabling the cardholder to make purchases which are paid for by the card issuer, to whom the cardholder becomes indebted. The cardholder is obligated to repay the debt to the card issuer in full by the due date, usually on a monthly basis, or be subject to late fees and restrictions on further card use. The difference between the credit and charge card is that in case of charge card, the amount becomes payable immediately on the debit to the account. Interesting Points *No line of credit – must be paid off each month. *Heavy penalties for late payment. *In the past most retail stores offered one. *Profitable for the stores. *Single retailer version limited use.

* *Multi functional (debit, stored-value, credit) *Simple cards to very complex (based on chip type) *High security & fraud protection *Requires special reader *Contact & contactless technologies *Can have multiple currencies (i.e. cash, points, etc.)

* Most likely no payment involved Account &/or membership ID / number Discounts / punch cards Special access/ areas Purchase or activity tracking Magnetic strip &/or bar code More about belonging to a club/group Operates on a closed platform Loyalty & frequency tracking – – – – – – – – – © 2001-2004 BusinessHive & Creative Commerce Group. All rights reserved. 15

* * Mostly for foreign travel, amount is preloaded * Issued subject to FEMA 1999 guidelines * Tie with Both Visa and Master card * All Major currencies being used. Choice left to the individual banks * This card cannot be used in Nepal and Bhutan * Only one card per currency is permitted * If it is multiple currency two or more cards may be issued. (Amount subject to ceiling as per FEMA). * Max of US $10000 for tourism and personal travel and US $ 25000 for business visits.

* *To keep valuables / documents etc. in a specially designed locker on payment of prescribed rentals. *The place where the SDL kept is called Safe Deposit Vault.

* * Acceptance of deposits is prohibited. However, to cover 3 year rent and charges for breaking open may be taken as a deposit. * Branches should maintain a wait list. * Should acknowledge the application given by the customer * Staff should be adequately trained * Ensure strict security arrangement * Once the locker is allotted, the agreement obtained from the customer a copy of which should also be given to the customer. * Non operative lockers for more than one year in the case of High Risk Customer and 3 years in the case of MR customer should be closely monitored * After due notice if the hirer does not turn up for operation, consider break opening the same. * After the due notice in case the customer turns up, take a specific letter as to why the locker was not operated for a long time then permit the operation of the locker. * All the keys should be embossed with the Bank name and the locker Number

* Execute an agreement containing terms and condition The rent for locker is collected in advance For operating locker customer to sign locker register Locker to be opened with master key and customer key For closing the locker, the customer need to apply his key only

* *SL1 & 1A for recording the nomination *SL2 for cancellation of the nomination *SL3 & 3A for variation of the nomination *Only one nominee is permitted except in the case of joint account operated jointly *There can be more than one nominee in case of joint locker account (max 2) *In case of nomination of a locker, where the joint holder dies the guardian of the nominee joins the other locker holder in obtaining the delivery of the content *Minor can also be appointed as a nominee however delivery will be to the guardian only

* Type of Locker Size (height X width in inches A 4 1/2 X5 7/8 B 5 7/8 X7 1/4 C 4 1/2 X 13 D 7 1/16 E 5 7/8 F 10 G 7 H 12 3/8 X 15 H1 12 3/8 K 15 9/16 L 15 3/8 X 15 1/2 1/6 X9 7/16 13/36 X 13 X 20 X7 1/8 13/16 1/4 X 20 X 15 1/8 5/8

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