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Published on March 11, 2014

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Healthy Ageing and the view of older people 7 March 2013

Introduction • Brief introduction to CARDI • New ways of looking at ageing • Policy challenges • What can be done?

Ageing organisations National Council on Ageing and Older People

Ageing organisations • National Council for the Aged (1982) • National Council for the Elderly (1991) • National Council on Ageing and Older People (1998)

Terminology • “Healthy ageing” – Medical journals in 1972 and 1976 – Public health issue 1987 – What can be done to ensure healthy ageing, 1992 (US) • “Positive ageing” – 1989: International Journal of Behavioural Development, 1993 (Bowling, The concepts of successful and positive ageing), 1994 National Council for the Elderly in ROI • “Active ageing” – 1999 World Health Organisation, 2000 South African strategy • “Inclusive ageing” – Inclusive approach to design (1997), Westminster City Council (2005)

Genesis of active ageing • Activity theory (1950s) • Successful ageing (1970s) • Limitations of activity theory • Productive ageing (1980s) • A modern concept of active ageing (from late 1990s) Source: Walker, A. Active Ageing: Its promise and potential (2009)

Ageing policies • Older Americans Act 1965 – Enabling independent living, participating in the community, providing community social services • Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing (1983) – to enjoy in mind and in body, fully and freely, their advancing years in peace, health and security – enabling the potential of the ageing to be fully realised • Madrid IPAA (2002) – ensuring enabling and supportive environments – Promote increased opportunities for older people to realise their potential to participate fully in all aspects of life • Commissioner for Wales 2007 (NI in 2012) • 1993: European Year of Older People and Solidarity Between the Generations • 2012: European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity

Ageing policies (ROI) The Years Ahead (1998) •Protecting them from economic and social hardship •22% of elderly are dependent •Enabling home care and independence Quality and Fairness: A Health System for You (2001) •significant expansion in the range of services available for older people with a consequent improvement in the quality of life for a great number of them. •community support services for older people and their carers •Emphasis on improving quality of life Towards 2016: Ten Year Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006 – 2015 •enable older people to maintain their health and well-being •live active and full lives, in an independent way Positive Ageing Strategy 2013 •?

Ageing policies (NI) Investing for health (2002) •What we will begin work to identify the developing needs of older people, to consider how our services can be best tailored to their needs and to examine how information on public services can best be provided in appropriate and accessible ways Ageing in an inclusive society (2005) •“To ensure that age related policies and practices create an enabling environment, which offers everyone the opportunity to make informed choices so that they may pursue healthy, active and positive ageing” Lifetime Opportunities: Government’s Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion Strategy (2006) •“Our goal is to ensure older people are valued and respected, remain independent, participate as active citizens and enjoy a good quality of life in a safe and shared community.” Commissioner for older people in NI (2012) •Advocate on behalf of older people New ageing strategy •?

New ways of looking at ageing Chronological view of ageing New theories of ageing

But . . . Are we constructing ageing in the right way?

Policy challenges - older workers • Positive contribution

Policy challenges - older workers • But how long can some older people work?

Policy challenges - Healthcare • Living longer lives

Policy challenges - Healthcare • Facing much higher healthcare costs

Policy challenges - Pensions • Lower risk of poverty among pensioners

Policy challenges - Pensions • But can we afford increasing pension costs?

Policy challenges - Care settings • Home care means more independence

Policy challenges - Care settings • Is home care for all feasible with increasing numbers of older people?

What can be done? •Policy must be mindful of how ageing is constructed •Are policy goals actually achievable or just aspirations? Positive ageing strategy in ROI, update d ageing strategy in NI

What can be done? • Example of obesity vs. malnutrition – Economic burden of malnutrition is higher than that of obesity, yet the issue attracts less attention. • Are we looking at this policy challenge in the right way?

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