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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: malvikushal



This slide presentation will show you the basic difference betwwen Carbon and cocoa.

Carbon vs Cocoa Prepared By Kaushal S Malvi WiMC-13 131060753010

Agenda • • • • • • Introduction of carbon Introduction of cocoa Carbon and Cocoa User Interface Communication Event Communication Between Carbon & Cocoa Main Difference of carbon & cocoa Reference

What is Carbon : • Carbon is one of Apple Inc.'s C-based application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Macintosh operating system. • Carbon provides a good degree of backward compatibility for programs that ran on the now-obsolete Mac OS 8 and 9. • Developers could use the Carbon APIs to port their "classic" Mac software to the Mac OS X platform with far less effort than a port to the entirely different Cocoa system which originated in OpenStep.

What is Cocoa : • Cocoa is Apple's native object-oriented application programming interface (API) for the OS X operating system. • For iOS, there is a similar API called Cocoa Touch which includes gesture recognition, animation, and a different user interface library, and is for applications for the iOS operating system, used on Apple devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Carbon and Cocoa User Interface Communication :

Event Communication Between Carbon & Cocoa :

Managing Core Foundation Objects • Use similar memory allocation conventions ▫ Allocate , retain, release objects • NSObject Class – reference counting schema for memory managemnet • Newelly allocate object ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Created with alloc & copy – with retain count 1 Retain message – increment by one Release message – decrement by one Reaches zero – deallocated by a procedure

Main Difference of carbon & cocoa • Cocoa has an Objective-C API, and can be accessed from C and C++ code easily. Carbon is a pure-C API. • Carbon had pre-Mac OS X applications. Cocoa has evolved from the Next-Step framework that Apple acquired and used as the basis to create Mac OS X. It's the "native" API for Mac OS X and the only way to access some of the newest capabilities.

Continue…. • One way to check if an application is carbon or not is to open the package contents of the application ,if inside the 'Contents' folder of the package there is a folder called 'MacOSClassic' and one called 'MacOS', then it is a Carbon application.

Conclusion Through this discussion, got some information related with Cocoa Framework over the Carbon Framework which extends the functionality and give the rich features.

References : 1. 2. mentation/CoreFoundation/Conceptual/CFDe signConcepts/Articles/tollFreeBridgedTypes.h tml 3. umentation/cocoa/conceptual/memorymgmt/ MemoryMgmt.pdf

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