Carbon Pricing Options for Oregon

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Information about Carbon Pricing Options for Oregon

Published on September 19, 2014

Author: TheClimateTrust



Carbon Pricing: Oregon's Options. Lessons from the EU, RGGI, California, BC and Australia.


Presentation Agenda  Project Context  Project Method  Results  Results Discussion  Conclusions  Q&A 2

Project Context C&T? C&T Tax? 2 research questions: What might happen if Oregon chooses a tax? What might happen if Oregon chooses cap and trade? 2 concerns: • Isolation from surrounding C&T states • Alignment with state goals 3

Project Context In addition, Oregon legislators care about: • Jobs • Economy • Social Justice 4

Project Context 5

Project Method 6

Results 7 EU RGGI BC AU CA OR WA Strong personal leadership X X X X X Clear threats from climate change X X X X X X X Commitment to climate action (goals) X X X X X X Support for action from outside government X X X X X X

Results 8

Results 9

Results Discussion BC Tax: RGGI: ? Emissions allowances Jobs and economic growth! 10

Conclusions  Carbon pricing can work in Oregon  We don’t have to choose between cap and trade or a tax- we can have both  DESIGN is critical! Best Practices: • Manage revenue responsibly and link revenue to GHG reduction • Consider complimentary policies • Plan for politics! • Start simple and increase complexity over time • Prioritize transparency and validity 11

Washington Update 12  Climate Executive and Legislative Workgroup (CLEW) split down party lines in 2013  Gov. Inslee issued an executive order on climate in April 2014  New Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) is charged with recommending a policy design to the legislature; cap and trade, carbon taxation, and hybrid approaches are all under consideration

Conclusions 13

Thank You!  Questions? 14

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