Carbon nanotubes

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Information about Carbon nanotubes

Published on January 5, 2014

Author: harshXtime



This presentation talks about the carbon nano tubes technology.A nanotube is a nanometer-scale tube-like structure which helps in developing a strong and intuitive structures for future and possible uses

A Presentation on CARBON NANOTUBES

What is CARBON NANOTUBE ? CARBON NANOTUBES (CNTs) are allotropes * .of carbon with a cylindrical nanostructure NANOTBES have been constructed with length-to-diameter ratio of up to . 132,000,000:1 *

Structure of CNTs

Types of CARBON NANOTUBES : Single-Walled CNTs (1 Most SWNTs have a diameter of close to 1nm , with a tube length that can be .many millions of times longer The structure of a SWNT can be conceptualized by wrapping a one-atom-thick layer of graphite .called GRAPHENE * *

Single-walled CNT

: Multi-walled Nanotubes (2 . MWNTs consist of multiple rolled layers (concentric tubes) of graphite * :Structure Model Russian Doll Parchment Model * Model *

Multi-walled CNTs

Synthesis of CNTs . Arc Discharge : Nanotubes were observed in 1991 in the carbon soot of graphite electrodes during an arc discharge , by using a current of 100 A (1

:Laser Ablation( 2 Process developed by Dr.Richard Smalley * A pulsed laser vaporizes a graphite * target in a high temperature reactor while an inert gas is bled into the .chember .Produces mainly SWNT *

:(Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD( 3 .Common method for the commercial production of CNTs * .A substrate and two gases are used * chemical vapor deposition Nanotubes being grown by

Properties of CNT :Strength( 1 Strongest and Stiffest material Tensile strength of 63 GPa (6300 kg/mm sq.) Hardness : * * 2) * Graphite tranforms into DIAMOND under condition of high temperature and high pressure

Electrical : thermal conductor Propagate only along * Current density 4*10^9 A/cm sq. * thermal conductivity 3500 W/(m*K) tube’s axis 4) Thermal : 5) One Dimensional Transport : * very good( 3 * Electrons

Application of CNTs In Electrical Circuits As Paper Batteries In Solar Cells (3 In Ultracapacitor (4 structural application (5 2) (1

In DNA detection (6 In High-reliability touchscreen 8) Nanoradio As a Flywheel (9 In Fuel Cells (10 (7

Advantages Of CNT Incredible Mobilities (1 Bandgap tunability (2 Processability (3 Low Schottky Barriers (4

Disadvantages of CNT Very Expensive to produce * Around $1500 per gram *

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