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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: vaynerchuk



So I was spoke at an automotive event, and it reminded me of some work that I did with my team over the holidays. We gathered some examples of what various car dealerships have been doing on their social channels, and I added comment in the style of my book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Today I decided to re-release the case studies in a new format specifically for Slideshare! Whether you're in the automotive industry or not, these critiques should provide some substantial value to anybody looking to improve the quality of their social content.

(Click image for source) KUNI LEXUS GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

1 1 Good creative. Looks native to the platform, and doesn’t have any overt branding or logos. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

2 2 Always good to have lots of #hashtags, but I doubt anybody is clicking through #GreenwoodVillage to discover more content. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

3 3 If you’re advertising hot chocolate, it’s probably best to show what you’re talking about. This copy has zero relation to the image, which I find to be seriously confusing. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

(Click image for source) TOM’S FORD GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

1 1 Using a popular meme to be seasonally relevant? Perfect. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

2 2 Matching hashtag, too? Nicely done. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

3 3 Hit up something like to actually customize the image text. “Brake Yourself, Winter Drivers are Coming” would have killed here. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM


1 1 If you’re going to plug a product like these cute car eyelashes, GIVE ME A LINK SO THAT I CAN BUY THEM. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM


1 1 Really solid right hook with a great seasonal feeling. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

2 2 The use of native text written on the windscreen is something EVERYBODY should be trying on Instagram. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

3 3 Why no copy to go along with the image? This is your chance to be really straightforward with a “buy” CTA. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

4 4 Again, like our first example, this has a great volume of hashtags, but some of them are too narrow to get you any discovery. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM


1 1 Image is incorrectly formatted and stretched out. Use this link as a handy reference. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

2 2 There is way too much copy on the actual event. The only CTA is buried at the end of it way past the point where any normal person would have stopped reading. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

3 Speaking of the CTA, you know Facebook events have an RSVP function, right? 3 Asking people to email you is another level of friction that will lose your audience. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

(Source tweet no longer exists) CARVANA GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

1 1 Fantastic newsjacking of the Amazon Prime Drone joke. Very smart. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

2 2 The copy is laid out very smartly, separating @s and links so they don’t get jumbled. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM

3 3 But seriously, guys, let’s all agree to stop using our own handles in our tweets. It’s weird and redundant. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM


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