Car Accident? Why Hire an Attorney?

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Information about Car Accident? Why Hire an Attorney?

Published on November 28, 2016

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1. Car Accident? Why Hire an Attorney? In the aftermath of a car accident, the unfolding legal and medical drama proves overwhelming. For cases involving injury, confronting big name auto insurance companies adds an intimidation factor. Hiring an attorney to help navigate these seas puts an advocate on your side and brings peace of mind. An accident or personal injury attorney offers a working knowledge of personal injury laws and expertise coupled with experience regarding procedure. And, this know-how offers reassurance in the face of insurance companies working against you to reduce and even deny claims. Considering the following factors helps determine the necessity of an attorney in the case of an accident: — Severity of injury. — Extent of medical bills. — Degree of lost wages due to injury. — Clarity regarding or dispute of liability. — Time available to research and present your claim. — Comfort with negotiating a settlement.

2. In straightforward cases, likely, you possess the wherewithal and knowledge to handle a claim. For instance, if liability is clear and acknowledged, injuries are minor with limited medical expenses, and no circumstances require further investigation, the need for a lawyer greatly decreases. Hiring an attorney later in the process should issues become apparent is a possibility. An attorney proves particularly beneficial following accidents where you sustain severe injury. Whether recovery lasts for a year or longer (long-term) or impacts you for life (permanent), a legal advocate works on your behalf to prove disabling conditions, including the interaction of medical professionals as needed. This involvement ensures the best possible settlement. Also, questions of liability raise the stakes of settlement negotiation. An accident attorney helps you support your claim that the other party was at fault. In other words, he or she increases the success of getting the other insurance company to pay your damages. In other cases, insurance companies refuse to pay a claim or a fair settlement. Knowing the law and the ground on which you stand proves vital with these refusals to pay. The expertise of lawyers becomes particularly valuable to bringing about action in these situations. Time and money factors come into play as well. Learning, researching and working to settle and present your car accident claim requires seven to thirteen hours for routine claims. And, this varies by case. An attorney relieves you of this time drain with the trade-off of receiving less in the settlement due to lawyer costs. Negotiating an accident claim proves tricky, particularly when dealing with resulting severe injury and mounting medical bills. An injury lawyer helps defray this stress by negotiating with expertise and getting results on your behalf. Plus, an ally in your corner always proves a good thing. For assistance with your case, contact Clauson Law. Article Source:

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