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Published on December 17, 2013

Author: egvozdev


Evgenii, Roelof & Sjoerd

Mission To establish Andrews Co. as a broad differentiator of the sensor industry by producing quality, low-priced products that capture the market share and maintain a competitive edge.

Value proposition • To strive for the market leadership in Low segment by serving our customers’ needs • To constantly innovate our top products • To launch new products, which offer more choice for the customer

Strategy Overview Place all products on middle line and keep them there. Products can drift backwards. Two new products: Awsome for High End segment Arie to conquer Traditional segment

Strategy R&D • Meet customer criteria • Shift all current products for placement within fine cut circle • Produce new product in performance & traditional segments • Repositioning the products towards the long-term prospective

Strategy Marketing • Competitive pricing strategy • Achieve 100% awareness & accessibility • Accuretly forecast upcoming years’ sales based on units demanded and potential market share

Strategy Production • Heavy investments in capasity and automation of the plant • Avoiding 2-nd shifts • Aiming 0% inventory

Strategy Finance • To find a perfect levarage level between long-term debt, current debt, stock & retained earnings • Build buffers to cope with unforeseen declining sales (=8 mln)

Strategy HRM & TQM • Training & recruiting to the highest standards • Investing heavily into reducing cost via TQM (2 rounds)

Round 1 • Testing the game • Positioned everything within cost & reason to fit the ideal spot • High promo & sales budgets  Made profits of 3.3 mln  Focused on all products (low margin)

Round 2 • Proceeded with the Round 1 strategy • Focused on customer criteria • Focused on increasing profit margin  Made profits of 7.8 mln  Increased stock price by $7.50

Round 3 • Created Arie (Traditional) & Awesome (Performance) • Invested heavily in capacity, automation, R&D and TQM • Outspent all competitors on promo & sales budgets  Steep decrease in stock price (-$10)  Big Al visit ($2.7 mln)

Round 4 • Invested in capacity again • Positioned all products for the ideal spots for Round 6 • Again focused on products (!) • High promo & sales budgets investments  Made loss ($2 mln)  Stock price decreased by $2  Lost some advanted on labor negotiations

Round 5 • Focused on 3 segments (instead on all) • Dropped Agape • New products gained some awareness & sales  Made profits of 4.5 mln  Stock price increased by $8.5  Became market leader in Low (37%)

Round 6 • Positioned Awesome and Arie into ideal spot and let the other ones flow • Managed capacity • Avoided inventories • Lowered promo & sales budgets  Good profits ($18.9 mln)  Very good profit margin  Increase in stock price by more than 50%

Results • • • • • • • Cumulative profit $ 35,693,912 18,9% Total market share Competing seriously in 4 segments Market leader in Low segment 3rd most valuable company at $ 167,000,000 Share value growth almost 50% last year Initial strategy had its flaws bacause shifting products is very costly & time-consuming • Products performed poorly in between segments

SWOT team Andrews Strengths:  Great team work  Versiitility  Good long-term strategy Weaknesses:  Busy Schedule  Difficulties in initial rounds with platform work  Betting on all ducks fot too long

Future growth • • • • • Continue position in Low Segment Refine position in Trad segment Add product in High segment Divest product in Performance segment Continue investing in Andrews company as we did

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