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Published on March 24, 2019

Author: Capitani


slide 1: Mirko Capitani – cronoLogic | 2008 - after years of studies and in-depth analysis it forms the first band: Graves Of Nosgoth | 2011 - Extenebris Ad Lucem comes out for New Idols Records | 2014 - "Dr.Fausten - Und Der Hollische Anleihe" comes out for QuaRock Records 2011/2015 - excellent press critical and public response several live showsfor Graves Of Nosgoth with also openings for bands such as: Destruction Necrodeath Node Destrage Strana Officina Mandragora Scream Pulse-R Exexcs and others | 2015 - the Graves of Nosgoth close the experience | 2016 - a turning point: Mirko embarks on a solo path for give even greater depth to ones artistic and productive ideas | 2016/2017 - the meeting with Giacomo Jac Salani at his La Fucina Studio and once again under the artistic production of Gabriele Bellini and the Jacs expert guide he starts the pre-production of his first real e own solo project | 2018 - summer registrations begin with: Francesco Cavalieri Wind Rose Mirko Serra Exexcs/Pulse- R Michel Agostini Pulse-R/Violet Blend/JMP. Right from the premix yes announces that this debut album by Capitani will become a small one rare jewel of pure and high quality made in Italy. the first two tracks come out | 2019 - The Cage E.P comes out: once again for QuaRock Records ·

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