Capital letters in English (kada pišemo veliko početno slovo u engleskom jeziku)

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: lucijakatancic



Capital letters in English language made for primary school pupils.
L.K. 2012.

CAPITAL letters in English

CAPITAL LETTERS We use capital (big) letters at the beginning of the following kinds of words:  The names of people Mary, John, Bart, Homer, Igor, Ana...  The names of places Canada, Croatia, Slovenia, Middle Earth (imaginay place) the European Union, the United States...

 The Plitvice Lakes  The Adriatic Sea

 the names of:  DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Thursday MONTHS:  January, February, June, July, December, November, March, May  HOLIDAYS:     Christmas, Easter, Statehood Day (June 25) Labour Day (May 1) All Saint’s Day (November 1)

 The names of people’ s titles Professor Blake, the Prime Minister, Dr Jones, Mr Smith and Mrs Smith  The names of institutions The Ritz Hotel, Oxford University Vladimir Nazor Primary School

 Nouns and adjectives referring to nationalities , languages, religions She’s German and he’s Russian. They can speak English, German and Russian. He is a Catholic.

 The first word (and other important words) in the titles of books, films or theatre plays:  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring  High School Musical  Koko and the Ghosts  Alice in Wonderland  The Little Prince

Correct teacher’s mistakes: 1. my name is ana. i am from germany. 2. my mother is italian. 3. we speak german, italian and english at home. 4. i like reading. my favourite book is harry potter, written by british author j.k. rowling. 5. my dad is a primary school teacher. 6. he works at john smith primary school. L.K. 2012.

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