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Information about Capacitive Touch Screens Infographic - Shrader Canada

Published on December 13, 2016

Author: ShraderCanada


1. Tactile feedback is a major enhancement, intended to improve the overall performance of touch screens. Provides a pulse and vibrations in response to a button being pressed Cuts out distractions by minimizing the need to look at the screen Allows users to feel shapes and textures By utilizing force sensing, future capacitive touch screens will be able to tell the difference between an intended touch and an accidental touch. HAPTIC ENHANCEMENTS FORCE SENSING More sensitive More intuitive, by using natural motions CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREENS M O V I N G T O W A R D S DETAILING CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREENS SHRADER BRAND TOUCH SCREEN CLEANER Knowing what goes into the new capacitive touch screens allows you to quickly identify issues and navigate through the repair process. In many cases, it may simply be a case of dirt and oils from the user’s hands building up on the screen and causing the screen to be less responsive than it should be. This could cause failures and delays in the capacitive sensing, reducing the quality of the driver’s experience as well as raising cause for them to bring their vehicle in for diagnosis. OIL GREASE GRIME STAINS New types of touch screens bring new types of maintenance issues and concerns that you need to be cognizant of. 800-201-9486 Shrader Canada Ltd, 830 Progress Court, Oakville, ON, L6L 6K1, Canada SAFELY REMOVES Spray Touch Screen Cleaner on a soft, clean microfiber cloth. DOES IT CONTAIN AMMONIA? No, it does not contain ammonia or any other harsh chemicals. IS IT SAFE TO USE ON A TV SCREEN AS WELL? If it is a touch screen TV then it is safe, otherwise no it is not safe on TV screens. WILL IT FREEZE? Yes, because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol, it will freeze if left in your vehicle in sub-zero temperatures. Use this cloth to gently rub the surface to be cleaned. For stubborn, dried-on stains, the process may need to be repeated until surface is clean FOR USE ON ANY TOUCH SCREEN SURFACE DIRECTIONS FOR USE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS For best results, the product should always be used with a soft microfiber cloth, never with paper towels or other types of wipes that could scratch the touch screen surface. 104.65 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 01 02 03 04 05 06 Faster and more responsive Capacitive touch screens use a grid of electrodes, set just below the cover lens – the glass of the display – to sense capacitance. This allows them to be: Brighter, crisper, and more colourful GPS Cell Phones Tablets Laptops

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