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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Garmaccriosta



Capable Lean Brain-friendly Change - can we bring business architecture, lean change, entrepreneurship, capability management and neuroscience together to help us deal with the messy business of change

OneCustomersJourney written, illustrated & performed By Gar Mac Críosta - CITAP Lean & Capable Change in Action (and anticipation) @aspiringarc

Your job today 1.  Find me 2.  Share a story 3. Challenge or support my views

Over the past 3 years I’ve been watching patterns emerge River,  clouds,  boat,  me  

everywhere I look organizations are grappling with Complexity Confusion Complicatedness

“The Real Battle is against ourselves against our complicatedness” Yves Morieux  

one day my phone rang Of  course…  let’s  meet   Can  you  help  us  develop  a     vision  &  strategy?  

On the one hand I was really excited to get to work with this company

On the other hand… I had bitter memories

My work had previously been orphaned Orphaned Strategies  

I was scarred by this experience

I resolved never to let this happen again

There was no way I was going to leave YADD ‘yet another dusty document’  

I also did not want to cause a strategy related accident

Or induce another powerpoint related coma Please I beg you no more!

Does this sound familiar?

But first…our hero’s story

An organization emerges after the financial meltdown

This is an organization with a long history and tradition

In 2010 they began to rebuild

They had many adventures along the way

They bravely fought many battles and bested many foes

And for a time peace prevailed the era of capability enlightenment

But things that should never have been forgotten were lost

Time marched on they got better at balancing & measuring

But rumour grew of a shadow rising in the east

the fellowship were once again called into the fray

And back to me… my phone rang not once but twice Of course… let’s meet Can you help us develop a vision & strategy? Can you do an Exec Assessment on …

I won’t labour the details but to say

the outcome everything lined up

And the moment came…the ‘but now what’ question ‘but now what’

Part 2: A tale of 2 Futures

FUTURE 1: A dystopic Reality

The year is 2017 and we are still fighting a war that has cost us heavily

We aren’t sure precisely when it happened or when the temporal glitch emerged

What we do know is how it started; in the beginning we were united

We took brave steps forward Strategy Plan Crack Team Do stuff

but we started to lose ground and began to fail

We went back to the drawing board and started again

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein  

It felt like we were going in circles What the …?

“denial is the most predictable of all human emotions”

But why did we fail? What went wrong?

As with any ‘system’ there is no simple answer

my questions & thoughts……

Is *ACS holding you back? *ACS - Anti-capability Syndrome

An aside: Change Anti-Patterns

Change Anti-patterns 1. You’ve got change 2. Reality Proxies 3. Prediction predilection 4. Change Zombie Attacks

Anti-pattern 1: “You’ve got change” Changing the organization by email is impossible You’ve got change

A desk is a very dangerous place from which to view [change] the world John Le Carre  

Anti-pattern 2: Reality Proxies A KPI is only a proxy for reality *Yves Morieux BCG All OK

“A KPI is a proxy for reality” Yves Morieux  

Anti-Pattern 3: Prediction Predilection Our predilection for prediction and the certainty of uncertainty Based on those assumptions Of course

“The idea that the future is unpredictable is undermined every day by the ease with which the past is explained.” Daniel Kahneman  

Anti-Pattern 4: Change Zombie Attacks CHANGE RAGE MORE CHANGE NOT A CURE! Just one more little change and you’ll be right in no time

“Why does change, which can be so exciting and lead to so many great opportunities, burn so many people out? The short answer is: change efforts are all too often unfocused, uninspired and unsuccessful.Our research shows,70% of transformation efforts fail.” John Kotter  

Did we engage in brain friendly change?

Our biases & us

“We assume that others brains work like ours ” David Rock  

Hofstadter's Law Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

Semmelweis Reflex Semmelweis Reflex. This is a professional reflex to reject new evidence that in some way threatens established norms or firmly held beliefs.

Availability Heuristic We are more likely to ascribe a higher probability to events that we actually hold in our memories.

Framing Effect Framing Effect says that the wording or the context in which options are presented directly impact (or frame) our selections.

Reactance is cognitive bias that manifests itself in a tendency to push back against reductions in perceived or real freedoms..

Anchoring Bias & Sacred Cows A fixation on repeatability leads to anchoring and the creation of ‘sacred cows’ strongly held beliefs

“A reliable way of making people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth.” Daniel Kahneman  

I heard the cry OK Stop! We get it

FUTURE 2: A Utopic Future

This time I made the call? Do you want to try something new What are you thinking?

Attention: Please mind the gap when boarding the strategy train

Step 1: Become Capable & Close the Gap TOOLS | MODELS| MINDS

Another short aside

ITCMF & Business Architecture

Back on track

Step 2: Learn to tell stories & be visual

Step 3: Experiment, Iterate & Learn

ITCMF & Lean Change Capability Improvements   POMS - Practices POMS+   POMS Outcomes   POMS Measures  

Some closing thoughts

Key Takeaways 1. Don’t forget about the brains 2. Become Capable 3. Keep it lean & learn

Is this the end? No this is only the beginning Part 2 Opens in September …

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often” Winston Churchill @aspiringarc | | Thank you! Please connect

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