Canon Pixma MX922 Driver For Chromebook

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Information about Canon Pixma MX922 Driver For Chromebook

Published on October 23, 2020

Author: Michealjohn17


PowerPoint 演示文稿: Canon Pixma MX922 Driver For Chromebook PowerPoint 演示文稿: Before you begin to set the Chromebook, ensure that you have an account in Google. Check if the Canon Pixma MX922 printer and computer are connected to the same network of an access point. Also, verify if your Canon Pixma MX922 printer supports Google Cloud Print feature. Ensure that the latest version of the Canon printer software is downloaded on your computer. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Select the Chrome menu and select Sign in to Chrome. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Log into your account in Google. Go back to the Chrome menu and select Settings. Choose Show Advanced Settings to view more information. Click Manage. Click the Add Printers option near the name of your printer. When a confirmation message for registering the printer displays on the screen, tap OK. Now the Wi-Fi lamp starts to blink. Leave the lamp to blink for 3 times and tap the Wi-Fi button. Now the printer gets registered in the Google Chrome. PowerPoint 演示文稿: You can also use the printer’s LCD and a web browser to register the Canon Pixma MX922 printer. Carry on with the following steps to register the printer using this method. Power up your Canon Pixma MX922 printer if it is turned off. Find the Menu button on the control panel of the Canon printer and tap it. Choose Web Service and tap OK. Select Web Service Setup --> Cloud Settings --> Google Cloud Print Setup --> Register with Google Cloud Print. Tap Yes --> OK.Configure your language for print configurations and tap OK. Ensure that the input tray of the Canon Pixma MX922 printer is loaded with suitable sheets.Tap OK. Now the printer prints the authentication URL. Tap Yes --> OK. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Open a web browser on your computer. Type the URL in the search field and hit Search. Sign into your account in Google if prompts. Choose Finish Printer Registration. REFERENCE: For More -> “” PowerPoint 演示文稿: Thank You!!!

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