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Information about Candy Crush Saga Levels

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: ccs007


Candy Crush Level Types: Candy Crush Level Types I have created this PPT to help Candy Crush Saga lovers. Data Provider: Candy Crush 135 ( ) Creator: Michael York Details of all five levels: Details of all five levels In Candy Crush Saga, there are 5 separate sorts of level: Moves - Get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of moves. Jelly - Clear all the jelly on the board. Ingredients - Bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board. Timed - Get a certain amount of points within the time limit. Candy Order - Crush the amount of candies given on the dashboard in a certain amount of moves. Jam levels are the most regular, making up 43% of the levels, although target score levels are the rarest, notwithstanding the initial 5 levels all being target score levels. Levels’ Table: Levels’ Table Level nature First Appearance Last Appearance Appearances Moves Level 1 Level 144 14 (3%) Jelly Level 6 Level 530 225 (42%) Ingredients Level 11 Level 528 134 (25%) Timed Level 20 Level 462 37 (7%) Candy Order Level 126 Level 529 120 (23%) Sugar Crush: Sugar Crush The different level types bring different "Sugar Crush" effects at the end. Moves: there is no genuine "Sugar Crush" impact, just inactivated special candies being activated. Jelly: for each move remaining, three candy fish go ahead the screen and begin destroy the candies at random, providing for you more points. Ingredients: for each move remaining, a candy at irregular will turn into a striped candy, giving an additional 3000 points for each striped candy. At that point they all activate. Candy Order: sugar crush of these levels is same as Ingredients levels' sugar crush. Timed: any +5 candies left on the screen will turn into the blasting wrapped candy and activate itself. Some Facts about Levels: Some Facts about Levels Many individuals think about jelly levels the hardest level type. The 100th Jelly level was Level 235. The 100th ingredient drop level is Level 413. The 100th order level is Level 441. Level 350 is the most hated level ever. Timed levels are the main levels in which you aren't influenced by the number of moves you have left. Then again, you need to settle on speedy choices. Levels 100 and 300 are both jelly. Level 200 and 500 are ingredients and level 400 is candy order. The most hated level type is jelly level. Jelly levels are hated due to their hardness. They are likewise extremely regular. Continue…: Continue… The episode with the least Jelly levels is Wafer Wharf (episode 10) with just 2. The most is Easter Bunny Hills (episode 6) with 9. The episode with most Candy Order levels is Wafer Wharf with 10. Level 295 and Level 327 have literally the same format with the main distinction being the amount of jellies. Level 65 became so famous once that several other levels based on Level 65 are created, including Level 320. Levels 350 and 530 are world finales. All the level numbers ending in 65 are hard or very hard. Level 65 used to be the most hated level ever, Level 165 is a very hard candy order level, Level 265 is quite a hard jelly level, Level 365 is a medium-hard candy order level, and 465 is a hard ingredients level. Thanking You!: Thanking You! Thanks to have a look on my PPT. Visit to get help about level 135.

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