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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: fermentabiotech1



--IMMOBILIZED-n FERMASE CALB : 10000 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET FBL's Biotech Division -Inspired by life. FermaseCALB™10000 is an immobilized enzyme catalyst of Candida antarctica lipase B expressed in yeast cells. Product type Fermase CALB™ 10000 is based on covalent immobilization on polyacrylate beads. Application Resolution of chiral alcohols and amines; synthesis oHatty-acid esters; versatile applications in organic synthesis; exhibit good to excellent stereoselectivity. Description Creamish white to white coloured regularly shaped beads with defined particle size distribution. Colour may vary from batch to batch and the colour intensity is not an indication ofthe product quality. Particle size 300-500 IJm > 95.0 % Enzyme activity NLT 2500 TBU units per g dry weight (Tributyrin hydrolysis) NLT 10000 PLU units per g dry weight (Propyllaurate synthesis) Dry weight NLT60% Unit definition One TBU enzyme unit corresponds to amount of enzyme catalyzing the formation of 1 micromole of butyric acid at 40·C, pH7.5 at 10% (vlv) Tributyrin concentration perminute permlenzyme in the milieu of 100 mMsodium phosphate buffer. One PLU enzyme unit corresponds to synthesis of 1 micromole propyllaurate perminute per g ofimmobilized enzyme at60·Cfrom lauric acidand l-propanol. Reaction schematics For TBU activity (C4 H70 )-O-CH 2 I I (C4 H70 )-O-CH 2 (C4H70)-O-CH2 H2C - OH + 3H20 I Fermase CALB™ 10000 + HC-OH I H2C-OH Butyric acid H H Glycerol H I I I I I I H H H HO-C-C-C-H Lauric acid CH2-COOH ~ Tributyrin For PLU activity 3CH3-CH2 - l-Propanol FermaseCALBTM10000~/ ' V 0 ~ + H20 II o Propyllaurate

--IMMOBILIZED-n FERMASE CALB : 10000 Stability profile of Fermase CALB™1 0000 12000 10000 Activity (PLUlgdry beads) Activity 8000 (PLU/g dry beads) 6000 4000 2000 O+----.----r-.----.----.-.----.----r-,-----, <;)~ ~o' o~'l',·- ~,}. ~~e .:J>~e ,p'<.e ~e~e ~o<:l' ~o~ ~~~ o-~~ »# ~e ~e~ _10.",0 "a: l-0 10.0,0 ,,> <"" '"' <"" <Q~' '-~ O+---.-----.----r-r-...----.-----.---.-r-.-----. o 1 234 5 6 7 8 9 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 10 11 pH Storage stability (5°C) Fermase CALB™ 10000 25000 20000 Activity 15000 (PLU/gdry beads) 10000 5000 O+---.-----r----,,.-.-----.-----.----r-.---....----.-----r----, o 20 40 60 80 100120140 160 180 200220240 Days Advantages • • Storage & product stability Cool and dry conditions are recommended for storage. The recommended temperature for storing is below 1DoC. When stored under these conditions, the product will maintain its declared activity for at least 12 months. Safety Fermase CALB™ 10000 is very safe to handle, as it does not generate any aerosols. However, avoid raising dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Take up the spilled dust by mechanical means. Avoid forming aerosols, wash contaminated clothing and ensure sufficient ventilation. Material support data • • Packing size Minimum pack size Bulkpacksize Higheractivity Broad application • Good stability Technical data sheet Material safety data sheet • • Certificate ofanalysis Protocol for assay methods 1kg 25kg /(/iI. Fermenta Biotech Limited Manufactured By: 'DIL' Complex, Ghodbunder Road, Majiwada, Thane(West)-40061 0, Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91 2267980800/888 • Fax: +91 22 6798 0899 Email:

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