Canada Immigration FAQ - Permanent Residency through a Provincial Nomi

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Information about Canada Immigration FAQ - Permanent Residency through a Provincial Nomi

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: immigrationcalgary


PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ for the Week By: Russ Weninger PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 1 “If I apply for permanent residency through a provincial nominee program in, say, Saskatchewan, is there anything preventing me from moving to a place like Calgary, Alberta once I have become a permanent resident ?” PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 1 Once you obtain permanent residency, you can move to any part of the country you like. That being said, if you are sponsored through a provincial nominee program and there is some doubt that you actually intend to reside in the province of your application, you may be denied permanent residency when you attempt to enter Canada. PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 1 Also, it should be noted that provincial nominee business streams require the applicant to put down a sizeable deposit. If you fail to reside in your province of nomination after acquiring permanent residency, you may end up forfeiting your deposit. PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 2 “I am applying for permanent residence through an Alberta provincial nominee program stream. To enter Canada, I will be driving across the border near Niagara Falls (in Ontario). Will this cause a problem ?” PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 2 This may or may not cause a problem, depending on your circumstances and depending on the believability of your explanation for entering Canada through Ontario. When you enter Canada to obtain permanent residency under a provincial nominee program, the officer must be convinced that you are actually intending to reside in the province of your application. PowerPoint Presentation: FAQ No. 2 I typically recommend that a provincial nominee enter Canada through the province of his or her application when acquiring permanent residence. If entering Canada from a land crossing in the US, this is usually possible. If entering Canada by plane, practical considerations may dictate that you enter through, say, Vancouver, British Columbia even if you are intending to reside in, say, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At the very least, you should have a plane ticket showing a connecting flight to the province where you intend to reside. PowerPoint Presentation: Visit For more information

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