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Published on February 4, 2008

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Can you hear me Now???:  Can you hear me Now??? Communication in the New Millennium By Sarah Gelb & Gary Williams Advantages of New Technologies:  Advantages of New Technologies Fast Easy Keeps you close with people around the world Networking tool Get in touch with anyone at anytime So What’s the Big Deal?:  So What’s the Big Deal? Learning how to use these technologies effectively and professionally is important for your: * Career * Personal Safety *Preservation of character (both personal and institutional) Communication Process:  Communication Process Most communication is: 70% Non verbal Posture, Movements, Gestures, Facial Expressions, Physiological Responses 20% Tone intensity, pauses 10% Words How do we stay connected to the world around us?:  How do we stay connected to the world around us? Email Cell Phones Instant/Text Messages Facebook Face to Face interaction??? Challenges of the New Millenium:  Challenges of the New Millenium Are our messages getting lost in translation? Reliance on Technology= Lack of Face to Face interaction Lack of nonverbal communication cues = Misinterpretation of Messages Therefore, we need to examine the types of messages we are sending to make sure we are conveying the right image of ourselves Email Etiquette:  Email Etiquette Make sure your email address is appropriate for employers, professors, parents etc. Ex. may not be the way you want to portray yourself to future employers Email Etiquette:  Email Etiquette Know your audience An email addressed to a friend or peer should be different when addressed to a professor or employer Email Etiquette:  Email Etiquette Response Time - Respond to an email as soon as possible - Normally within a day or two ie. When your advisor emails you to set up an appointment, email them back right away Email Etiquette:  Email Etiquette Use Appropriate Grammar: - Ex. hey prof. mike, i am sorry i missed clss yesterday. i wsa sick and couldnt get out of bed. will you send the asignment i missed thanks… ttyl -sarah An email is similar to a letter or a paper Spell Check, Capitalize, Punctuate and DO NOT Use Slang Cell Phone Etiquette It’s Simple: Be Respectful of Others!!:  Cell Phone Etiquette It’s Simple: Be Respectful of Others!! Ringer should be off: in class, in a meeting, at dinner etc. Don’t dial while driving Don’t text or play games in class Don’t pick up your phone in the middle of a conversation Voicemail message should be appropriate for anyone who might call: - ie. no loud music, clear pronunciation of your name, no bad language Cell Phones:  Cell Phones If you are on your cell phone: In the car – you are 4-5 times more likely to get in a car accident while talking on the cell phone Walking around campus In the library In a restaurant Are you really paying attention to the people around you? Do you care if it is dangerous, disruptive, rude? Facebook:  Facebook Admittedly, Facebook is a great way to communicate, express yourself, and connect with others Over 1,000 Carthage Students use it Over 9 million and 1800 college campuses across the country use it * But are you putting your Best FACE forward? Bridget’s Profile:  Bridget’s Profile Account Info Name:Bridget Bolly Member Since:July 14, 2005 Basic Info: School:Tufts'08 Status:Undergrad Sex:Female Concentration:Geology/Environmental Studies/Sciences Residence:Crafts House Birthday:07/31/86 Home Town:Fitchburg, MA Contact info: dorm: x5437 cell: 617-845-9542 Email:, Interested In: Men Interests: good beer, naked, hiking/backpacking/anything outdoors, the Loj, wolves,, sailing, trap shooting, drinking tea in bed Clubs and Jobs:TMC, TWO, Tufts Sailing, ATO, craft house, TLC tutor Groups:Tufts Wilderness Orientation (TWO!) • The drinking team with a sailing problem • Alpha Tau Omega • I Went To a Public School....bitch • • Fatty McButterpants • Mourning Wood John’s Profile :  John’s Profile Account Info: Name:John Cern  Basic Info: School:Tufts '09 Status:Undergrad Sex:Male Residence: Hill Hall 410 Birthday:4/1/87 Home Town:Madison, CT Contact Info:AIM Screenname:jkc231, cell: 617-486-9788 Interested In:Women Interests:football, hittin the weights and going heavy in the squat rack, being lazy, sleeping till 12, giving change to homeless people who say good jokes,, not being sober a lot, random/crazy nights that are good stories,, causin rawkus at times. Clubs and Jobs: Tufts Football #8 strong safety Groups: Thursday Nights are Party Nights• Tufts Gettin Fucked Up Committee • TU Football •Drinking In the Shower • I Pregame Harder Than You Party • Men Against Freshman 15 • Let's Hug it Out, Bitch • I Like, Want, or Have a Phat 'Ole Booty (Tufts Chapter) • Hate Girls That are Hot In their Facebook Pic But are Beat In Real Life • Facebook -Is PUBLIC not Private :  Facebook -Is PUBLIC not Private “You are solely responsible for the content, photos, profiles and Member Content that you display (post) on the service, or transmit to other members. By posting Member content to any part of the website, you automatically grant, to Facebook an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, translate, reformat and distribute such information and content….” -Facebook User Agreement Facebook – Think About Your Safety :  Facebook – Think About Your Safety Sexual Assault, Harassment and Stalking have increased drastically on college campuses since 2004 13-27% of college students report being stalked Facebook profiles with your picture, address, phone number and daily schedule increase you likelihood of being stalked, harassed or assaulted Facebook – Think About Your Future:  Facebook – Think About Your Future Employers are using Facebook to do background checks and see if a person’s profile supports their resume or interview Police are using Facebook to investigate underage drinking parties College Administrations are using Facebook to investigate underage drinking violations When will the NCAA begin investigations? Facebook- Students Face the Consequences:  Facebook- Students Face the Consequences North Carolina State University charged 15 students with underage drinking because of their Facebook profiles November 2005, four students from Northern Kentucky University were fined for party pictures they posted on the site The United States Secret Service met with a University of Oklahoma freshman in March 2005 after he posted a joke about assassinating President Bush One student was arrested after he used a composite sketch of a rape suspect as his profile picture Pictures of a 19-year-old Indiana University student enjoying an alcoholic beverage have caused her father's congressional campaign to heat up just days after he announced his candidacy. Others have been punished for rushing a football field, hate speech against people who are gay, and criticising a teacher Facebook- Athletes Face Consequences:  Facebook- Athletes Face Consequences Last May, LSU swimmers Eddie Kenney and Matt Coenen were kicked off the team after athletics officials discovered they belonged to a Facebook affinity group that put up disparaging comments about swim coaches. Fans of opposing teams have downloaded information or images posted on about a student-athlete and then used it to taunt or humiliate that individual during a contest At Colorado, offensive tackle Clint O'Neal and his girlfriend, cross country runner Jackie Zeigle, were accused of sending a racially threatening Facebook message to Hispanic cross country runner Greg Castro in December. O'Neal and Zeigle were issued tickets for harassment by campus police, according to Colorado associate athletics director Karen Morrison. O'Neal was suspended from the Champs Sports Bowl, where Colorado lost to Clemson, and Zeigle quit her team. Is it worth it?:  Is it worth it? Being Eliminated from a Job Search Getting Expelled from School Getting Arrested Being Stalked, Harassed or Worse Shaming your Team, Family, School and Self What do you think?:  What do you think? Comments Questions Concerns References:  References Briody, Dan . Thou shalt learn and abide by the Ten Commandments of cell-phone etiquette.  . InfoWorld, 06/12/2000, Vol. 22 Issue 24, p59B, 1/2p; (AN 3212267) Freiberg, Chris. Indiana U.: Indiana U. student's Facebook heats up dad's political campaign. The America's Intelligence Wire, Feb 10, 2006 pNA. Dince, Rebecca. Tufts U.: Future employers using Facebook to obtain info on applicants. The America's Intelligence Wire, Feb 8, 2006 pNA. Klien, Julie. Stanford: Schools use Facebook for admissions, disciplinary action. The America's Intelligence Wire, Feb 14, 2006 pNA. Rivera, Rachel. K-State Experts Say Students Not Always Putting Best Face Forward on Facebook. The America's Intelligence Wire, Oct 18, 2005 pNA. Saad, Grace. Mississippi State U.: Web sites like Facebook aid stalkers on college campuses. The America's Intelligence Wire, Feb 16, 2006 pNA. The Facebook,

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