Can Surgery Reduce Chronic Knee Pain

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Information about Can Surgery Reduce Chronic Knee Pain

Published on October 22, 2018

Author: MaitriHospital


slide 1: Chronic pain is when the pain in a certain body part is persistent and constant for a long period of time. While back pain stands at the top of the list of chronic pain issues knee pain stands second. Majority of people having chronic knee pain have reported of a huge impact that this problem is having on their lives. Almost 2/3rd of patients find the constant pain affecting their lives. And 25 of those surveyed complained that their condition forced them to quit exercising sports and other similar active hobbies. However instead of giving up on all of this you could undergo proper treatment that may involve medication physical therapy and yoga. And if these do not work you may as well undergo a surgery to have your knee repaired or replaced. Whether you need a repair or replacement depends upon your individual condition and overall health. Here are the various options available for you to choose from to find relief from your chronic knee pain. However it is an orthopaedic surgeon in Kota who can help you decide better as to which type of surgery is most suitable for your condition. slide 2: Joint preservation If you are having arthritis or any kind of trouble with your knee joint which is not as bad as requiring a replacement of the knee a joint preservation is the ideal choice. This procedure involves repairing the mechanical balance of the join that forces to avoid concentrated loads. This could be through cartilage transplants complex ligamentous reconstruction or meniscal allografts. Partial knee replacement When you are having knee pain and realize that only one compartment of the knee from the three compartments present is damaged and needs to be replaced you can opt for a partial knee replacement surgery which involves removing and replacing only the damaged component of the knee. One of the major advantages of this approach is that the key ligaments are preserved which helps to maintain optimal balance and functioning in the joint. However a partial replacement surgery may require additional surgery in 5 to 10 years as the other components may start degrading with time. Total knee replacement As the name itself suggests total knee replacement surgery involves removal and replacement of the entire knee structure. This is the most well-known type of knee surgery across the globe. Within this procedure the worn-out cartilage cap at the end of the bones that form the knee is trimmed. Then a metallic cap and tray are inserted into the problematic area. However this procedure requires immense amounts of exercises and therapies to be carried out by the patient to regain all that has been lost. For any of these surgeries you require to get in touch with a professional orthopaedic surgeon in Kota one like that at Maitri Hospital. Here you can get the best services not only for knee replacements but also hip replacements crushed injury repairs club foot surgeries major amputation bone grafting and tendon lengthening. For more info kindly visit the website at

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