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Published on November 29, 2016

Author: StuartBraud


1. Can Sage 50 beat the competition ?

2. Sage 50 offers a wide-range of solutions that can help you beat the competition

3. Sage 50 includes features and benefits you won’t find with other options.

4. Here are 10 ways that will make you think so…

5. 1. You’ve Got a Friend in Sage : You will feel free and secure by having quick access to technical support, product upgrades, training, and more. The thanks go to Sage Business Care that always ready to assist you.

6. 2. Quick Sage Advice and tips :  To provide you the 24/7 advice, assistance and guidance, Sage introduced Sage Advisor Technology. You can treat it as your personal small business coach.

7. 3. Fresh Insight, Better Decisions, Great Outcomes:  Easily uncover the “what if” situation using Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting. This custom reporting will provide you the better way to search for insights, ideas, and innovation in your business.

8. 4. Built-In Accounting principles:  If you are not a CPA then use industry best Sage 50 double-entry accounting and don’t compromise with your accounting needs.

9.  Sage 50 features an Internal Accounting Review that uses 15 checks of data to identify accounting errors and erroneous transactions. 5. Protects Your Data from unwanted eyes:

10. 6. Customized Dashboards and Key Metrics:  With Informative Dashboards and Management Centers, you can easily get the desired information. Sage 50 provides the snapshot views of key business metrics that will help you to take the important decisions.

11. 7. Strong Inventory Management:  Sage 50 inventory management system helps you to minimize the unwanted errors and control the costs. You can easily create and track the inventory based on color, style, size, and more.

12. 8. Increased profitability:  The Project & Job Management Center gives you the answers to all your job-related questions, while the new Order Process Workflows allow you to follow even the most complex projects.

13. 9. Growing business in the Sage Family:  Sage deliver a solution for every stage of your business with easy upgrades to more robust features and functionality. As you continue to grow, you have the option to remain in the Sage family with a transition to Sage mid-market solutions.

14. 10. Add-on Connectivity:  Sage 50 organized with a range of services and third-party add-on solutions so you can accept credit cards on-site or on the go, perform online backup, pay employees with direct deposit, and more.

15. Additional Feature  In addition to the discussed ten market-leading qualities, there are many more, particularly if you’re in a constructive industry that has unique accounting needs.

16. About Us SageNext is the industry’s leading cloud hosting provider. With a level of security unobtainable by most SMBs it offering various of software solutions running on multiple data centers and servicing various clients from many years now.

17. Go with easy-to-use Sage 50 that will simplifies your business life, and helps you realize your unique business vision to beat the competition. For more information visit any of the above:

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