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Published on October 12, 2011

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Can Motive Congruence Be Classified as Normative, Temporal or Configural? The Introduction of Three Concepts for Precision and PredictionChris C. Martin, Todd M. Thrash & Amanda Fuller

Motive A motive is a predisposition to approach a particular class of incentives, such as achievement, affiliation, or power, or to avoid a particular class of threats, such as failure, rejection, or domination by others. (Thrash, Maruskin, & Martin, 2011)

Types of Motives ImplicitMotives Explicit Motives

Motive Congruence Motive congruence refers to the congruence (or alignment) between a person’s implicit motives and explicit motives.Congruence predicts well-being, volitional strength, and flow.

Personal-Goal Model of Well-Being Goal Attainability Motive Congruence Goal Commitment Progress in Goal Achievement Emotional Well-Being Personal-Goal model of emotional well-being (see Brunstein, 1993) and its extension (indicated by the dashed lines) by the cocnept of motivational congruence (see Brunstein, Schultheiss, & Grassmann, 1998) From Brunstein (2010) Chapter 12, in Schultheiss and Brunstein (Eds.) Implicit Motives.

Levels of Analysis Person in group (normative) Time (temporal)Motive contents (configural)

Normative Congruence Explicit Explicit Implicit Implicit - In normative congruence, the person is compared to the group

Temporal Congruence Explicit Implicit Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Time 4 - What personality traits are associated with high temporal congruence? - Do unusual occasions have disruptive consequences?

Configural Congruence Motive Strength Ach AffPow Ach AffPow Ach AffPow Ach AffPow Implicit Explicit Implicit Explicit - Is there a consistent configuration?

Experimental Method - Undergraduates at William and Mary- Weekly questionnaires over an eight-week span- Questionnaires assessed motives, goals, and personality traits

Results Goal Attainability Motive Congruence Goal Commitment Progress in Goal Achievement Emotional Well-Being

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