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Published on February 26, 2014

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Airflex creates fashionable footwear for both men and women with the key focus being on comfort and durability. For more information please see

Can men wear sandals? Sandals are a topic of ongoing hot debate in certain fashion circles. In particular, men who wear sandals can generate a plethora of surprisingly heated opinions in otherwise mild-mannered fashionable types. The as-yet unresolved question goes beyond sandals and right to the heart of the issue: "Can a 'manly' man get away with wearing open-toed footwear of any sort?" The answer varies by culture, age, gender, geography, occupation, and many more variables besides. The Open-Toed Male Men’s shoes serve as many different purposes today as women's shoes - from fashion to function, protection to personal preference. As such, there are so many reasons, from the hygienic to the comfortable, why a man might want to give his toes a bit of fresh air. Vacationing gentlemen can hardly enjoy the beach in a pair of stiff polished lace-ups. Urban hipsters away for a day at the park might even choose bare feet over the constraints of footwear on a hot summer afternoon. Yet men in other cultures might firmly descry any hint of toe in their footwear - for these gents, the suggestion has been to eschew socks as the temperature rises. The Hygiene of the Sockless State The trouble with sockless men’s shoes is simple - the hotter it gets, the less hygienic the interior of the shoes becomes. Heat turns into sweat and sweat turns into bacteria. So men who prefer to go sock-free over showing a bit of toe must be prepared to practice extra clean shoe hygiene for the sake of both health and vanity. Is There a Meeting Point? As with many issues of the fashionable persuasion, where you reside and how you were raised will have as much to do with how you perceive the suitability of socks versus open-toed shoes as any other factor. The Cambridge Dictionary describes fashion as "a style that is popular at a particular time," which also means that style can change. The popularity of a style might be limited to a specific geographic region, a certain echelon of society, or even just one or a few individuals. So while there is not likely to ever be a happy compromise between those who turn up their noses at males with open toes, in the same way it will always be possible to find at least as many who concur as dissent. Finding Your Personal Foot Fashion Just as some diners prefer mayonnaise on their sandwich while others insist on only mustard, as long as you feel confident and comfortable with your personal foot fashion selection, few will have the guts to disagree with you to your face. Many fashionable fads have come and gone for want of a strong champion to turn a temporary fancy into a classic look. Regardless of your foot fashion preferences, if you stick by your choice and wear your footwear confidently, others will sit up and take note - and perhaps even surprise you by following suit! Airflex creates fashionable footwear for both men and women with the key focus being on comfort and durability. For more information please see

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