Can Being Overweight Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Published on February 17, 2014

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Being overweight has several heath hazards, one of them is erectile dysfunction (ED). Various studies have shown a link between excess weight and impotence. Some of the best strategies to lose weight are regular exercise and eating right. Also to treat ED, doctors may prescribe medications.

Can Being Overweight Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Overview…  Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem. What is Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence.  Studies Linking Obesity to ED.  Obesity affects erectile performance.  Strategies to Improve ED Resulting.  How healthcare professionals can treat ED.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a global problem… According to the National Institutes of Health men of all ages can experience ED. ED affects mainly older men  Senior men 15 to 25 %  Middle-aged 5 %

Consider visiting your healthcare provider  When an erection cannot be achieved or maintained for more than 75% percent of the time.

Composition of penis The penis is composed of two parallel columns of 1. Spongy tissue and 2. A central spongy chamber that contains the urethra All of the erectile tissue are comprised of pools of blood vessels surrounded by smooth tissues composed a protein known as collagen.

Following occurs during arousal: Central nervous system stimulates the release of chemicals like nitric oxide both causing and maintaining an erection. These chemicals stimulate other chemicals that relax the smooth muscles in the penis This allow blood flow into the cavernous sinuses of the penis. Surrounding veins in the chambers are squeezed and prevent the blood draining out. As a result, the penis becomes erect and rigid. After the climax, the chemical GMP is broken down by an enzyme, and the penis becomes flaccid again.

Studies Linking Obesity to ED According to University of Florence  2,000 male patients seeking out patient treatment for ED with 42 percent of participants being overweight.  Overweight participants had  Lower levels of testosterone  Hypertension  Abnormal penile blood flow.

Obesity can affect erectile performance and testosterone levels. Obesity also contributes to…  Heart disease  Diabetes  High cholesterol and  Hypertension

Some More Studies Linking Obesity to ED…  Harvard study found that… Men with a 42-inch waist are twice as likely to develop ED.  California study reported that… Those with over a body mass index of 28 have a 90 percent chance of developing ED.

Strategies to Improve ED Resulting from Obesity 1. Proper diet 2. Weight loss and 3. Exercise have been found to be effective strategies for combating ED due to obesity.

Treatment of ED… Approved drugs by the Food and Drug Administration. 1. Viagra 2. Levitra 3. Cialis 4. Stendra and 5. Staxyn

How fast before the drugs take effect  Both Viagra and Levitra take effect in approximately 30 minutes.  Cialis and Stendra can take effect in as little as 15 minutes.

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