Can an American Citizen Pass the Citizenship Test?

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Published on February 5, 2014

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Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test? Read here to find out!

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Immigra'on     In  the  citizenship  test:     •  •  •    The  applicant  for  citizenship  is   asked  up  to  10  of  the  100   questions.     The  interviewer  reads  the   questions  in  English  and  the   applicant  must  answer  in   English.     In  order  to  pass,  at  least  6  of   the  10  questions  must  be   answered  correctly.  

Let’s  see  how  you  do…   1.  What  is  the  supreme  law  of  the  land?   A:  The  Constitution     2.  How  many  amendments  does  the  Constitution   have?   A:  twenty-­‐seven  (27)        

More  Ques'ons…   3.  What  is  one  responsibility  that  is  only  for  United   States  citizens?*   A:  serve  on  a  jury   A:  vote     4.  The  House  of  Representatives  has  how  many   voting  members?   A:  four  hundred  thirty-­‐five  (435)    

Six  More  to  Go…   5.  If  both  the  President  and  the  Vice  President  can   no  longer  serve,  who  becomes  President?   A:  the  Speaker  of  the  House     6.  Who  is  the  Chief  Justice  of  the  United  States?   A:  John  Roberts  (John  G.  Roberts,  Jr.)    

Have  You  Reached  60%?   7.  Under  our  Constitution,   some  powers  belong  to  the  federal  government.   What  is  one  power  of  the  federal  government?     A:  to  print  money   A:  to  declare  war   A:  to  create  an  army   A:  to  make  treaties  

Three  More  Ques'ons…   8.  What  is  the  name  of  the   Speaker  of  the  House  of  Representatives  now?   A:  (John)  Boehner   9.    What  are  two  rights  only  for  United  States   citizens?   A:  apply  for  a  federal  job   A:  vote   A:  run  for  office   A:  carry  a  U.S.  passport    

Are  You  Almost  a  Ci'zen?   10.  Who  wrote  the  Declaration  of  Independence?     A:  (Thomas)  Jefferson     *Bonus  Questions    The  Federalist  Papers  supported  the  passage  of  the   U.S.  Constitution.  Name  one  of  the  writers.     A:  (James)  Madison   A:  (Alexander)  Hamilton   A:  (John)  Jay   A:  Publius      

Final  Bonus  Ques'ons   —  Who  are  your  Federal  Senators?   —  Who  is  your  Congressman?  

How  Did  You  Do?   —  Are  you  now  eligible  to  be  a  United  States  Citizen?   —  Congratulations  

Why  an  Immigra'on  Lawyer?   —  Every  situation  has  different  nuances   —  Delays  and  rejections  from  incomplete  forms  and   documentation   —  Deadlines  live  up  to  their  name   —  Law  is  fraught  with  pitfalls   —  Prior  rejections  become  future  red  flags  

Immigration Myths —  It’s  easy  to  get  to  America   —  Immigrants  (legal  or  not)  don’t  pay  taxes   —  Immigrants  don’t  know  English  

About Chaudhary Law —  —  —  —  —  2004  U  of  MN  Law  School  Alumni  Of  The  Year   14  years  as  State  Senator  and  State  Representative   Avid  hunter  and  angler   Serve  on  many  boards  and  organizations   Officenter  since  January  2011!/SportsmanLaw     Facebook   LinkedIn    

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