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Published on April 8, 2008

Author: Rinald


Campus Residences - Your Home:  Campus Residences - Your Home Safety & Security Induction 2007 Residences Management – Managing your Home:  Residences Management – Managing your Home Niall English Manager - Campus Residences Contact: x 5753 E-mail: Slide3:  Joanne Hickey Reception S’visor Sarah Emerson Ops & Services Patricia Barry Office Manager Eddie Hamilton Security S’visor Niall English General Manager The Campus Res. Team Slide4:  DCU Security & Your Home Eddie Hamilton Security Supervisor – Campus Res. Contact: x 7812 Email: Slide5:  Security Services The Campus Security Control Room, located in multistorey carpark, is open 24 hours, 7 days a week Raymond Wheatley DCU Security Services Superintendent Eddie Hamilton Campus Res. Security Supervisor Dedicated Security in Campus Res. overnight Our Function:  Our Function Advice Personal Safety / Security of Property etc Assistance Rapid Response to life threatening emergencies, First Aid Assistance Numbers to Call 7812 queries / non emergency 5999 in an emergency First Aid Assistance:  First Aid Assistance During office hours - contact Campus Res Reception – trained First Aiders available Evenings – contact DCU Security x5999 Calling an Ambulance?? – dial 5999 & ask security to call ambulance or dial 7999 for direct access to emergency services (notify DCU Security of your location also) Smoking:  Smoking Larkfield no smoking in common rooms / common areas smoking in apartment by consensus Hampstead / College Park No smoking in common areas Smoking in apartments by consensus No Consensus?? – arbitration by Campus Res. Locked Out??:  Locked Out?? In the event of a lock out, or card malfunction, outside office hours residents should call security (phone number 8990). May take some time and NOT a Priority  Please give your mobile number to security Expect a Return Call from Security and Please Answer your Phone.   Security Issues:  Security Issues Noise - Apartments - Grounds Anti Social Behaviour Parties - Alcohol/Noise/Music/ No. People Gates - Locked 23.00 – 06.00 - Use Main Security Entrance - Jumping Gates = 100 Euro Fine Alcohol - On Grounds & Corridors Doors - Don’t Prop Doors Open - Never Abuse Emergency Exits ID Cards:  ID Cards Have Ready for Inspection Be Patient on Busy Nights Never give your Card to Anyone!! Report Lost Cards Immediately, so they can be Cancelled without Delay. Guests Have E-mail with Reference Guest Must have Official Photo ID Guest can only enter Residences with Licence Holder Safety in Your Home:  Safety in Your Home Eileen Tully H&S Officer Contact: x 8896 E-mail: Fire – The Facts:  Fire – The Facts Average 50 people / year die in fires in Irl 60% of deaths occur 8pm – 8am Kitchen & Bedroom are the commonest seats of origin Cigarettes / chip-pans / candles / electrical appliances are commonest causes of domestic fires Inhalation of smoke kills Protect Yourself & Your Neighbour:  Protect Yourself & Your Neighbour No chip pans, No candles Clean cooker & grill after use Switch off electrical equipment when unattended – PCs, DVDs, TVs Don’t overload sockets Don’t smoke in bed Your Home - Statistics:  Your Home - Statistics 1,000 residents majority in 18 – 22 age group! 7 separate buildings Larkfield Hampstead Houses 1 – 10 College Park Houses 11 – 17 8 fires in Campus Res in past 3 years! Behind the Scenes – Emergency Equipment:  Behind the Scenes – Emergency Equipment Smoke & heat detectors and emergency lighting in all residences Fire Compartmentation by design – fire doors Alarm activates on detection of smoke / excessive heat All systems linked to Security Control Room & Campus Res. security pager Escape routes maintained Fire Doors Work!:  Fire Doors Work! Emergency Response Management Systems:  Emergency Response Management Systems Houses 1 – 17 split into separate alarm zones – evacuate house where alarm sounds, standby to evacuate adjoining houses. Weekly fire safety checks throughout the complex Alarm Sounders tested regularly Role of Security:  Role of Security On duty security responds to alarm (check source of alarm) Has 5 minutes to let Control Room know if false alarm or fire – Control Room call fire brigade If false alarm, inform those at assembly point & allow reentry If fire, standby to evacuate further houses Seek info from assembled residents as to persons missing/possibly trapped – provide this information to fire brigade on arrival Evacuation Procedures:  Evacuation Procedures On hearing the alarm Switch off any cooking appliances Leave the apartment shutting kitchen &/or bedroom door behind you Report to the assembly point outside the Sports Complex Let Security know if any of your housemates are missing On Causing / Discovering a Fire:  On Causing / Discovering a Fire Break a break glass unit immediately Use Fire Blanket / Fire Extinguisher if confident to do so Always keep escape route at your back Leave the building & proceed to Assembly Point Contact security on 5999 – let them know the problem Fire Advice:  Fire Advice Trapped in your room / apartment by smoke/flame outside? Close the door Prevent smoke ingress Wave a sheet etc at window to attract attention Cooler, cleaner air close to the floor – crawl Clothes / Hair catch fire Stop, drop & roll Resident Responsibilities:  Resident Responsibilities Duty of care to self & fellow occupants Take reasonable care for your own safety - and safety of others Comply with emergency evacuation procedures Do not intentionally interfere with or misuse safety equipment. False BGU activations last year – Gardai will be involved. Occupancy Licence:  Occupancy Licence Your Commitment to and Acceptance of its Terms & Conditions… Niall English General Manager Extract from Occupancy Licence:  Extract from Occupancy Licence … if the Occupier is in breach of any of the covenants, terms or conditions……., then the Operator shall be entitled to impose and levy a FINE on the Occupier in such amount as the Operator may decide……. or alternatively REVOKE THIS LICENCE forthwith in instances deemed by the Operator to constitute a serious breach of this licence Terms and Conditions of Licence:  Terms and Conditions of Licence 10. Fire Safety To abide by all Fire Safety and other Regulations for the safe management of the Complex…… acquaint himself/herself with emergency escape routes and not to interfere in any manner with the fire, safety and/or security equipment. Terms and Conditions of Licence:  Terms and Conditions of Licence 10. Fire Safety cont/d Occupiers who deliberately tamper with fire safety equipment may be liable to criminal prosecution, and in addition referred to the University’s Disciplinary Committee. Terms and Conditions of Licence:  Terms and Conditions of Licence 10. Fire Safety cont/d To attend a Fire and Emergency Procedures Briefing …an administrative charge of €25 for non attendance Terms and Conditions cont/d:  Terms and Conditions cont/d 17. Health and Safety The use of candles and chip-pans in the Apartment, including the Unit is strictly forbidden. Terms and Conditions cont/d:  Terms and Conditions cont/d 5. Visitors - not to permit visitors to remain overnight & to require all visitors to leave the Complex by 12.00 midnight unless pre-approved by Campus Res under Overnight Guests Policy - Failure to do so will result in a fine of €80 per visitor being levied against Occupiers in breach of this rule. Overnight Guest Policy:  Overnight Guest Policy Introduced in response to residents requests Devised to facilitate students & to ensure compliance with fire safety management best practice Policy in line with Dept. of Environment Code of Practice Overnight Policy – How it operates!:  Overnight Policy – How it operates! Apply online – Campus Res Website Request must be submitted by 12 noon for overnight guest (12 noon on Friday for weekend guest) 5 euro administration charge per request First come / first served basis for approval Notification by 4pm – request approved / denied Bring e-mail confirmation when checking in guest Breach of conditions – right to have overnight guests may be rescinded Guest Requirements:  Guest Requirements Guest must be aged 17 or over Must carry Official photo ID Must reside only in host’s apartment after 12 midnight DCU occupancy licence holder responsible for guests actions at all times while in Res. 80.00 Euro fine applicable for breaches Overnight Policy - Details:  Overnight Policy - Details Restrictions Larkfield – max 1 x guest per apartment & 10 per floor (exit capacity issue) Hampstead & College Park – max 2 x guests per apartment Maximum of 250 guests on campus overnight Facility Suspended Study Weeks and Exam Weeks, Guest stay max 2 consecutive nights In Summary:  In Summary 1,000 residents call DCU ‘home’ Entitled to enjoy living on campus Fire a significant risk <5% engage in unacceptable behaviour – put others safety / security at risk Campus Res Management need your cooperation and assistance in maintaining a safe, comfortable, enjoyable environment for all residents. Please contact Niall/ Eddie with any concerns.

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