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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: daniellemcampbel


Gun Ownership As A Form of Protection: Gun Ownership As A Form of Protection The Influence From Tragedy The Right to Bear Arms The Danger of Firearms The Responsibility of Gun Owners Matthew Campbell Professor Turner Composition II Midterm Presentation Hypothesis : Hypothesis Mass Shootings in America Have Greatly Influenced Gun Ownership as a Form of Protection Growth Danger Safety Value Security Cost Laws Responsibility Audience: Audience Adults 18 + Responsible Citizens Anti Gun Individuals Gun Novice Experienced Gun Owners Outcome: Outcome Understand Individual Rights and Responsibilities Educate Oneself on Gun Laws Evaluate Surroundings Consider the Risks Practice Safety First Evidence Post Mass Shooting(s): Evidence Post Mass Shooting(s) Data and Sales Figures of Firearms Numbers of Civilian Firearm Purchases Geographical Locations of Registered Firearms Evidence: Evidence “Real Gun Facts”: Roughly 2,000-5,200 gun shows take place in the United States each year It is illegal for any federally licensed firearms business to sell or transfer any firearm without first conducting a background check to see if the buyer/recipient falls into any of the prohibited categories listed above Background checks are done on gun purchasers, and each purchaser can buy multiple guns There were 21,093,273 background checks for firearm purchasers in 2013 Evidence: Evidence Evidence: Evidence "Why would it be logical to restrict access to lawful items by millions of people who own them because of the acts of a couple of deranged individuals?” - John McManus, NRA “School and mass shooting are not just an American problem"; they occur even in countries with firearm restrictions stronger than those in the United States, a fact often lost in media reports.” – Friedman Hall, Mayo Clinic Proceedings “Our findings suggest a major partisan divide on the causes of tragedy; Democrats believed social and political forces were responsible whereas Republicans blamed individual gunmen.” – Mark Joslyn , The Politics of Causes Conclusion: Conclusion “There is significant common ground between responsible gun owners and gun violence prevention advocates.” – Drick Boyd, The Christian Century Tragedy influences firearm policies, purchases and permits. Gun Laws are continually debated as are an individuals’ reasons behind gun ownership. Firearm protection is a right but should be taken responsibly and acted upon sensibly References: References Boyd, Drick . “Limited Access.” The Christian Century. 128.15 (2011): 10. Academic OneFile Inforac . Web. 8 February 2014. Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. “Gun Sales Spike After Shootings.” Hearst Newspaper Research. (2012) Expanded Academic Web. 2 March 2014. Hall, Friedman. “Guns, Schools, and the Mentally Ill: Potential Concerns for Physicians and Mental Health Professionals.” Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 88.11 (2013): 1191. Expanded Academic ASAP. Web. 2 March 2014. Joslyn , Mark. “The Politics of Causes: Mass Shootings.” Social Science Quarterly. 94.2 (2013): 410. Expanded Academic ASAP. Web. 1 March 2014. Lutz, C. “Real Gun Facts.” Catholic Insight 21.7 (2013): 5. General Reference Center Gold. Web. 31 January 2014. McManus, John. “After the Newton Massacre, Demands for Additional Gun Control Fizzle.” The New American 30.2 (2014): 9. General Reference Center GOLD. Web. 14 February 2014.

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