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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: Samasing2



Learn how to plan the right integrated marketing campaign for your brand with these 6 simple steps.


WHAT IS AN INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN? An integrated marketing campaign combines the medium, e.g., print/broadcast advertising, public relations, direct marketing, email, digital and instore promotions, and multiple stages in a promotional campaign to ensure that the marketing message is consistently received by the greatest possible number of people in the target market. Integrated Marketing

WHY AN INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN?  A holistic approach to communications marketing  More “bang for your buck,” by creating an unified user experience  Integrated marketing communications plans increase the chance that consumers will reach you the way you want them to (more control)


STEP I – KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE There is no such thing as a “general audience” Segmenting specific audiences into groups based on characteristics will help you identify who are most likely to purchase or utilize your products and services. Sample segmentation for a salon & spa

STEP II – DEVELOP A SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths SWOT analysis for Apple Inc. Weaknesses - Customer loyalty combined with expanding closed ecosystem - Apple is a leading innovator in mobile device technology - High price - Incompatibility with different OS - High demand of iPad mini and iPhone 5 - iTV launch - Rapid technological change - Android OS growth Opportunities Threats

STEP III – DETERMINE CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES  This is where we document what we want to achieve through the campaign  Objectives should be measurable – They should help you map your campaign’s effectiveness Sample Objectives To create awareness for Canon EOS SL1 – the world’s smallest DSLR To increase visibility for Unique Photo To increase engagement from users/followers

STEP IV – DETERMINING YOUR BUDGET  What is your product or service?  How old is your business or product?  Whom are you targeting?  What type of media does your target audience pay attention to?  What type of appeal is needed to persuade your target audience to buy?

STEP V – STRATEGIES & TACTICS  What is a strategy? Strategies are developed on the basis of objectives, these are ideas that help you accomplish those objectives.  What is a tactic? Tactics are specific actions on how you plan to execute a strategy.

STEP V(A) - CHANNELS FOR AN INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN  Search Marketing  Online PR  Community participation  Affiliate marketing  Link-building  Word-of-mouth  Social media marketing  Email marketing  Influencer marketing  Paid ads

STEP V(B) – SETTING UP CAMPAIGN TIMELINES Sample timelines for a campaign

STEP VI – EVALUATION & MEASUREMENT  You need to outline a method of how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.  Sometimes elements of your plan will not work. It’s Setting up your KPI’s and then measuring it against your objectives to evaluate campaign performance Visibility important to know what did or didn’t, try to understand why, and make note for future planning. Engagement Awareness


CASE STUDY #1 – DEL MONTE Strategy • Used retail promotion + social/online media • Diet Challenge Sweepstakes” encourages online recipe swapping, surveys and sharing pictures to win prizes • Lifestyle app for smartphones with nutritional information, adult games, and downloadable coupons Facebook and Twitter implementation • Live chats with nutritionists and partnerships with Mom Central Results Achieved 29,973 fans on Facebook and reached over 16,000 followers on @MomCentral “Buy a bunch, lose a bunch”

CASE STUDY #2 – COCA COLA Strategy • Digital ads, music, outdoor and print ads • In 2009, three fans chosen by other consumers to visit every country where Coke is sold to spread a message of “open happiness.” • They made videos, tweeted, blogged, and used Facebook to connect with fans who responded with tips on where to go and what to do in the areas. Results Fuelled growth of the Coca-Cola brand; unit case volume increased 2% across developed and emerging markets “Open Happiness”

CASE STUDY #3 - STARBUCKS Strategy • Improve the customer in-store experience by launching to learn from customers and employees what they liked and did not like, and what Starbucks could be doing better reached 100,000 ideas • Twitter : answer questions, share information, listen to consumers • YouTube : share commercials, and informational videos about volunteer efforts and ingredients, • Facebook : invite fans to Starbucks events, share comments, post pictures and communicate “”


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