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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: morrighanhumpleby


Shot list for Final Footage By Morrighan And Courtney

Although Courtney and I had a plan in our heads about the angles we wanted, and had created a short list- We left room for creative inspiration. And the following slides show the final shots we used through our filming, illustrated with pictures.

Close-up, pan right.

Mid, tilt down, subject in center third.

Tilt down to mid birds eye.

Mid shot. Subject in center third.

Pan up and actor stands- to a extreme low angle, mid shot.

Mid shot actor in center third.

Match on action- Mid, actor in right third.

Extreme canted Close up on all pictures.

Close up birds eye.

Low angle- Looking up actor. Close up

Close up birds eye.

Side track.

Continue side track.

Finish side track.

Mid establishing shot.

Close up, zooming to extreme close up.

Extreme close up

Close up establishing shot, model in left third.

Static tracking of model.

Long shot, as model walks towards camera.

Match on action, sideways, long shot.

Side mid shot as actress walks out of shot.

Long shot, as actress walks out of shot. Actress right third.

Extreme close up

Low angle, extreme close up.

Tilt up to long shot, focus pull to actor.

Mid shot, side angle.

Over the shoulder mid shot. Actor left third.

Mid/long shot. Actor walks in and out of shot.

Mid shot. Focus is pulled to the right third.

Mid over the shoulder shot, focus on center third.

Mid shot, at angle. Focus right third.

Over the shoulder, close up.

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