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Published on June 15, 2007

Author: Abbott


Slide1:  MACRO.Atmospheric Neutrinos, MMs,....   Introduction 2. Early n oscillation analyses 3. Monte Carlos 4. Final oscillation analyses 5. Search for LIV contributions 6. Search for GUT MMs, Nuclearites, …… 7. Conclusions MACRO: Bari, Bologna, Boston, Caltech, Drexel, Frascati, Gran Sasso, Indiana, L’Aquila, Lecce, Michigan, Napoli, Pisa, Roma, Texas, Torino. Oujda G. Giacomelli University of Bologna and INFN Caltech, 21 jan 2005, Peck-Fest 1a. Atmospheric neutrinos:  1a. Atmospheric neutrinos En: 1 GeV 300 GeV L: hundred km 13000 km L/En : 30 km/GeV 6000 km/GeV Downgoing nm : 'near' source Upgoing nm : 'far' source p, He, Fe … m m e m  e The MACRO experiment:  The MACRO experiment 1984 : Proposal 1987 : Construction starts 1989 : First Supermodule ON 4/1994 : Full detector ON 12/2000 : Rest In Peace Slide4:  DATA SAMPLES(measured) (Bartol96 expected) __________________________ Upthrough(1) 857 1169 In up(2) 157 285 In down(3)+ Up stop(4) 262 375 Slide5:  1984 MACRO Proposal Effects of nm oscillations on upthroughgoing events:  Flux reduction depending on zenith angle for the high energy events From MC: distortion of the angular distribution underground detector Effects of nm oscillations on upthroughgoing events  Earth  Slide7:  2. Early analyses:  2. Early analyses Upthrough m only Angular distribution Absolute value (Bartol96 MC) Very early Phys.Lett. B357(1995)481 Early Dm2=0.0025 eV2 Phys.Lett. B434(1998)451 Maximal mixing Phys.Lett. B517(2001)59 Lower energy topologies consistent with upthrough m { { nm energy estimate through Multiple Coulomb Scattering of upthroughgoing muons Phys.Lett. B566(2003)35 Slide9:  -After 2001 FLUKA2001-3 (Honda2001-3) Both 3-dimensional improved interaction models new cosmic ray fit, ..... They agree to ~5% But: Predictions of new Honda and FLUKA MCs H.E. 25% low ; L.E. 12% low -Angular distributions of Bartol96, new Honda and FLUKA MCs agree to ~andlt;6% New L3cosmic data favor Bartol96 3. Atmospheric n flux. Monte Carlos -Until 2001 Bartol96 (Honda96) Slide10:  From the muon zenith angle distribution. L(cosQ=-1)~13000 km L(cosQ=0)~500 km n1 MACRO data MonteCarlos Slide11:  Very early data. Scintillators with PHRASE electronics Agrees with standard procedure and shows 'bump' nm nt or nm nsterile ?:  nm nt or nm nsterile ? Phys. Lett. B517 (2001) 59 Eur. Phys. J. C36 (2004) 357 nm energy estimate through Multiple Coulomb Scattering of muons in rock in lower MACRO (Phys. Lett. B566 (2003) 35) :  nm energy estimate through Multiple Coulomb Scattering of muons in rock in lower MACRO (Phys. Lett. B566 (2003) 35) No oscillation Bartol96 L/En distribution:  From the muon zenith distribution From the measurement of the muon energy using Multiple Coulomb Scattering Upthr. m data IU m data 12% point-to-point syst. error L/En distribution Low Energy Neutrino Events:  Low Energy Neutrino Events Internal Up Internal Down + Up-stopping m Measured (points) and expected number (dashed lines: MC Bartol96) of upgoing semicontained events (left) and up-stopping plus downgoing semicontained m (right). Solid lines: oscillations with the best fit parameters sin22Q=1 and Dm2=0.0023 eV2. andlt;Enandgt; =2.3 GeV . Monte Carlo scale uncertainty 21% 4. Final oscillation analyses :  4. Final oscillation analyses R1= N(cos Q andlt; -0.7) /N(cosQ andgt; -0.4) { H.E. L.E. Absolute values referred to Bartol96 MC : R4=(Data/MC)H.E. ; R5=(Data/MC)L.E. With these informations, the no oscillation hypothesis is ruled out by ~ 6 s Use ratios with uncertainties of ~5%, indep of MCs Slide17:  MACRO D q Slide18:  Exotic oscillations:  Exotic oscillations Lorentz invariance violation (LIV) Mixing between flavor and velocity eigenstates (asymptotic vn different from c)  dependence LEn  LIV is not dominant We computed upper limits of LIV parameters dv/2=(v3-v2)/2 , sin2 2θv using the formalism of Coleman-Glashow PL B405(1997)249; hep-ph/0407087 , taking the Nlow, Nhigh samples of low and high energy upthroughgoing data, fixing n mass oscillation parameters to the MACRO values and using the Feldman-Cousin procedure Violation of the equivalence principle Similar results as for LIV, but with parameter fDg [ Dg= difference of coupling constants of n to grav pot f] Fogli hep-ph/9904248 Slide20:  Slide21:  L=10000 km , Dm2=0.0023 eV2 , sin22θm=1 , sin22θv=1 Slide22:  ) Flux upper limits for GUT MMs:  -5 -4 Direct searches , g = gD , isotropic flux , scat andlt; 1 mb Flux upper limits for GUT MMs EPJ C25 (2002) 511 Slide24:  Slide25:  The Lab in Hall B (to the tune of House at Pooh Corner) Christopher Walter and I rode along On the road to the Fiordigigli Posing our questions to Sciubba and Peck On our way to get tortellini But we spent more time schmoozing Today than we had And we've got to get back To the external lab So help me if you can, I've got to get Back there to catch the navetta by one You'd be surprised there's so much to be done: Clean up the oil that we've spilled Fix all the tubes that we've killed Back to the lab beneath the Gran Sasso Back to the slab beneath the Gran Sasso Back to the lab in Hall B Back to the lab in Hall B Return to the Macro song parodies home page Catalysis of proton decay:  GUT MM – p interaction may violate baryon and lepton number conservation M + p M + e+ + p0 If sB0 ~ score ~ 10-56 cm2 ~ negligible Rubakov-Callan mechanism If sB0 ~ sstrong could see a string of p decays along MM trajectory sB0 ~ s0/b (or s0/b2) p-decay detectors IMB  andlt; 13 10-15 cm-2 sr-1 s-1 10-5andlt; b andlt; 10-1 Kamiokande 5 10-5 andlt; b andlt; 10-3 n-telescopes Lake Baikal  andlt; 6 10-17 cm-2 sr-1 s-1 b ~ 10-5 Catalysis of proton decay Slide27:  Look for Slow MM track Fast e+ track MACRO: dedicated search for MM induced p decay EPJ C26 (2002) 163 using the streamer tube system S = 4250 m2sr , t = 70,000 hours Magnetic Monopole searches:  Magnetic Monopole searches GUT MM, mM˜1016 GeV Sensitivity well below the Parker bound, 10-15 cm -2s -1sr –1 Good efficiency for ~ 5x10-5 andlt;b=v/candlt;1 Redundancy: 3 different sub-detectors Sensitivity for catalysis of nucleon-decay induced by MM NO Candidates NUCLEARITESE. Witten, Phys. Rev. D30 (1984) 272A. De Rujula, S. L. Glashow, Nature 312 (1984) 734:  Aggregates of u, d, s quarks + electrons , ne= 2/3 nu –1/3 nd –1/3 ns Ground state of nuclear matter; stable for any barion number A :300 andlt; A andlt; 1057 Z~A1/3 ? , ~A2/3 ? ; Z/A andlt;andlt; 1 , rN  3.5 x 10 14 g cm-3 (rnuclei  1014 g cm-3) Produced in Early Universe: candidates for cold Dark Matter Searched for in CR reaching the Earth [black points are electrons] NUCLEARITES E. Witten, Phys. Rev. D30 (1984) 272 A. De Rujula, S. L. Glashow, Nature 312 (1984) 734 RN = 102 fm 103 fm 104 fm 105 fm 106 fm MN = 106 GeV 109 GeV 1012 GeV 1015 GeV Slide30:  High Mass Nuclearites: present situation: White Mountain 4800 m a.s.l. Mt. Norikura 2000 m a.s.l. Ohya : 100 hg/cm2 undergr. MACRO : 3700 hg/cm2 undergr. Slide31:  Slide32:  NATO ARW, Oujda, spring 2001

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