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Information about Calories

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: alaskapaxon




CALORIES (CALORIES) - FOR ATHLETES AND BODYBUILDERS Calories - (power units) Price warming: is the unit of measurement of the amount of the individual demand of energy What is the balance of power? If energy intake is equal to the energy consumed, the body is in a state of energy balance and imbalance when this balance, the body stores energy in the form of fat, causing obesity, so it is important to achieve a balanced energy equation. What is the role of physical activity? How long should be the body where this activity? John Barban The physical activity contribute to the burning of food and energy production and consumption and melt the grease and strengthen the muscles to reduce the slack, and the person that the effort kinesthetic ranging from half an hour to an hour four times a week, and this period is sufficient to help in weight loss with diet does not require physical activity certain, but what relaxes him and the person can continue with it. What is the number of calories in a kilogram increase in weight? Kilogram of body fat = 7700 calories The average number of calories crisis for athletes and bodybuilders 3500 -3700 kcal A balanced diet: eating a balanced diet is the amounts and types of foods and beverages appropriate and supply nutrition and energy necessary to save the body's cells and tissues, muscles and organs, and to give the body's normal growth and development for him.

Eat three meals a day at least. Do not ignore breakfast. (The benefits of breakfast) Eating foods from all food groups at each meal Important Step for such as access for unbalanced diet that is every person knows oneself for what his body needed knowledge with adequate information on foods covered in duties.

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