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Published on March 3, 2014

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replacing water with juices and low-fat milk to keep your caloric needs.

If you are thin, and worried about becoming even leaner as the season goes on, especially if you are still growing, you need to eat responsibly to keep up with your caloric needs. The more you exercise, the more you’ll want to eat—assuming you make the time and preparations to do so. A hard training session or game may temporarily “kill” your appetite, but within a few hours, after you have cooled down, you will become plenty hungry. In the meantime, remember that soccer is a game with a role for everybody: big and small.caloric needs daily Thinner players often make up in skill for what they may lack in size. Here are a few tips to help you boost calories and prevent undesired weight loss.

Eat consistently. Have at least three hearty meals plus two or three additional snacks/meals daily. If you will miss opportunities to eat, carry snacks or a travel mug with a liquid lunch, like a smoothie or meal replacement drink.

Eat larger portions. Some players think they need to buy expensive weight-gain powders to bulk up. Not the case; standard foods work fine. The only reason commercial powders “work” is because they provide additional calories.calorie needs calculator For example, one soccer player religiously drank the recommended three glasses a day of a 300-calorie weight-gain shake; he consumed an extra 900 calories.

Select higher calorie foods, but not higher fat foods. Excess calories of dietary fat easily convert into body fat. This fattens you up rather than bulks up your muscles. And it is unhealthy if you chow on ice cream, cookies and chips. But you can boost calories by adding healthful fats to your diet, such as avocadoes, nuts, and olive and canola oil.

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