Calopogonium Mucunoides

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Information about Calopogonium Mucunoides

Published on August 22, 2008

Author: pasturasdeamerica



Grasses and Legumes.
Perspectives for Tropical Zones.

Calopogonium Mucunoides
- History
- Agronomic performance
- Future perspectives

Annual to short-lived perennial From tropical America and West Indies Calopogonium

Calopogonium mucunoides Although not widely used, it is the most popular forage legume amongst brazilian farmers

Calopogonium mucunoides It is a myth that at all times cattle dislike grazing Young seedlings are palatable and adult plants grazed in the dry season

The low intake is not due to any toxic effect of the plant Density epidermal hairs may deter animals from eating

Calopogonium mucunoides Agronomic evaluation Potential use Future perspectives

Agronomic evaluation Potential use Future perspectives Calopogonium mucunoides

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