Calling a Let in Tennis

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Information about Calling a Let in Tennis

Published on September 28, 2015

Author: keyvanazami



2. Introduction  Keyvan Azami joined New York City’s Bloomberg, LP, in 2014 as head of fixed income derivatives trading technology. When he is not working, Keyvan Azami likes to stay in shape by playing soccer and tennis. When playing a tennis match, a let may be called by recreational players or a tournament referee for a number of reasons. One of the most common examples of a let being called occurs when a serve clips the net before landing in the correct service box. In this case, a let is called and the server is required to take either a first or second serve.

3. Let in Tennis  A let may also be called if a player's hat falls off during a point, or if an extra ball rolls out of his or her pocket. In tournament play a referee may begin to penalize a player rather than call a let if such an issue happens repeatedly. Finally, players should call a let if a ball from another match rolls onto the court during play.

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