CALLED to Instruct Them in the Practice UofN Meeting Korea:

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Information about CALLED to Instruct Them in the Practice UofN Meeting Korea:

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: AllanADL



This is a presentation given to the University of the Nations Leadership Meeting in Jeju South Korea March 2014

Called Title

Introducing Allan

Padagogy Wheel ILM

Any Questions Please

The Elephant In the Room: Social Media

Online Resources: Slide Set

Part A Title: Instruct Them in the Practice

Part A Learning Outcomes

Learning and Mercy

Far and Near: Matt 28 (the Message)

The Big Questions

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Teaching Training and Learning

Teaching plus Training Makes Disciples

Table: Teaching Vs Training

Changing Education Paradigms Intro

Video AM01: Changing Edu Paradigms

Transformative Learning

Video AM02: The Basics of Blended Learning

Part B Title: Spin the Wheel flip the class

Part B Learning Outcomes


The Padagogy Wheel Intro

The Padagogy Wheel V3 Poster


Journey so far... The “Ah Aha” Moments A

Journey so far… The “Ah Aha” Moments B

What’s all this Flipping Fuss

Any Questions Please

Flipping the Learning Design

Step 1:Start with Attributes and Motivation

Skills and Attributes of Today’s Learners

Graduate Attributes and Capabilities

Updated Padagogy Wheel Tackles Motivation

Video AM03: Dan Pink TED clip

Any Questions Please

Step 2: Flip and Design Outcomes

The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomies

Padagogy Wheel Version One

Padagogy Wheel Version Three

Grey-Matter Grids: Turning graphic into model

Step 3:Flip Design Measure Learning

Step 4: Flip and Identify Doing Stuff Next

Step 5: Flip and put content in context last

Flipping Teaching Just in Time

Pioneers of JiTT using ILM’s

Interactive Learning Modules

ILM Checkpoints: Live LMS Quizzes

Video AM04: SAMR Model

The Big Questions

Any Questions Please

Good Blended Teaching in YWAM Schools

CALLED: Introduction to Centre Vision

The CALLED Vision

CALLED ILM available

Video AM05: Why is Online Teaching Important?

Next Seminar: Pedagogies and Technologies to get started

To get started list

Any Questions Please

If You Want to Contact Me

Add a comment

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