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Published on March 6, 2014

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Please enjoy our sample report that was created to give you some assumption what to expect from us. Check it out, read it if interesting and then CALL-TO-RESEARCH.

Review of selected marketing operations in 2013 Sample presentation

About us We search the Internet and databases while looking for the answers to your questions. Are you getting ready for a tender and looking for information from a category you are not familiar with? Have you no time to prepare a tedious analysis of competitors' actions? Would you like to learn how your competitors operate in the social media? Do you need a report on the markets, consumers or companies? call-to-research We conduct effective desk research and we compile it into fantastic reports. You are able to read and analyse our report quickly. Contact us. Save time!

5 weirdest FMCG campaigns Review of marketing operations in 2013

1. Girls Don’t Poop • Company: Poo-Pourri • Product: Odour remover spray • Campaign: Girls Don’t Poop The review of the weirdest 2013 FMCG campaigns cannot start differently than with the campaign promoting an innovative Poo- Pourri product, that is an odour remover spray, which you spray onto the water in the toilet before “taking a dump”. It does not allow odours to permeate the barrier, keeping up the illusion that girls, as a rule, don't poop – so is the intention behind the campaign itself, which explains the way the product works in a direct and funny way, builds the company image and creates the viral material at the same time. Ever since the début of the clip, it was watched over 22.000.000 times on YouTube and shared over 364.000 times, which, for a small company, is an incredible success, which translates directly onto sales (Poo-Pourri now earns $ 15.000.000 per year). YT:

2. Gioni’s Revenge • Company: Gioni’s • Product: Sauces • Campaign: Gioni’s Revenge • The Italian producer of ketchup and other sauces, Gioni's, asked Alch1m1a from Milan to create advertising materials accompanying the upside-down packages by the company. This resulted in creating three posters, on which the personified sauce bottles take the revenge for being slapped on the “rear”, giving their “torturers” a thrashing. Gioni's is not a huge company, it does not even has a website, but the posters were all the rage on-line, having a strong impact on the recognizability of the brand, even if not on sales. The idea and the insight of the campaign are not bad, but the execution is disturbing to say the least – bringing up associations from S&M (and I do not mean Social Media) to rape, the facial expressions of the sauces speak for themselves – the client should better learn to squeeze, at least if they do not want to become a feature in the Detective magazine.

3. Mountain Dew & Tyler the Creator • Company: Mountain Dew • Product: Fizzy drink • Campaign: Felicia the Goat • In May 2013 Mountain Dew released a series of clips realised together with the controversial rapper Tyler Okonma (also known as Tyler the Creator), showing Felicia the Goat and its criminal adventures. After the second clip was released and after the response of b. Watkins, PhD, who called this campaign the most racist campaign in history, the clips were withdrawn and removed from the Mountain Dew channels. However, it is not what makes it one of the weirdest FMCG campaigns of 2013; it is due the fact that Mountain Dew allowed the release of clips, which contain acts of violence towards a woman, and Mountain Dew is shown as an intoxicant, and after a goat drinks it, the goat gets aggressive. People familiar with Tyler's artistic output knew what to expect and were not shocked, the problem here was the response of persons that do not know Tyler. YT:

4. Oreo Separator Machines • Company: Oreo • Product: Sandwich cookies • Campaign: Oreo Separator Machines • If you ever ate cookies in the form of two disks with a cream filling in between, you know how the eating procedure looks like – you eat one disk first, then you lick the cream filling, and then you eat the other disk. Some people prefer the disks, others the cream filling, but what if it was possible to find a way to separate them perfectly? Such insight was the idea lying behind the on-line campaign Oreo Separator Machines, showing various scientific (and tricky) ways to separate the cream filling from the disks of Oreo. The spots are deadly serious, which constitutes a part of the humour; each spot presents the inventors along with their absurd inventions. The campaign received a lot of comments and was praised for its humour and being blown out of proportions. Even though it was not a sales campaign, Oreo surely did not suffer any losses as its result. YT:,,,

5. Katy Perry and the Popcats • Company: Popchips • Product: Low-caloric crisps • Campaign: Katy Perry and the Popcats • Popchips promotes its product as a healthy alternative to traditional potato crisps and the Katy Perry and the Popcats campaign is playing on that assumption – the arch-evil Fat Cat is racing with the Popcats in delivering snacks to people in need. We have a Fat Cat here, with an eye-patch, who speaks with a heavy German accent, rapping Kate Perry and her cat team in colourful wigs, lamentable one-liners, the style from the 60s, disco lasers and a lot more. The concentration of absurd is absolute, and the execution – intentionally – poor, but it surely is memorable. The campaign also includes a service – via Twitter and #popchipstotherescue hastag, the users can send a “distress call” with their location and a short description of the situation to get a chance of Popchips delivery.

Examples of similar research you can order from us: • How do the banks in the USA, UK and Europe advertise personal accounts? • Advertising activities in 2011-2013 in residential development in a selected country. • Educational campaigns about environment protection addressed to children. • How did the breweries advertised their products during football world championships? What do they already have prepared for the upcoming championships? Has the campaigns before the championships in Brazil started already? • How the jewellery industry uses celebrities in their advertising? • A report on introducing a new telecommunication brand into the market in the United Kingdom. • How ABC brand advertises on-line (including mobile). • And so on, And so forth.

5 massive failures in Social Media Review of marketing operations in 2013

1. Feed a child with a tweet Failure of taste • Context Kellogg's, in its social campaign, tried to encourage its followers to retweet the entries, promising a breakfast for a poor child for each retweet. • Failure What could have gone wrong? Followers reacted wildly to the tweet, accusing Kellogg's of emotional blackmail. Kellogg's responded with an apology, blaming it on the poor choice of words, and ensured that it finances breakfasts at schools, but it only met another wave of criticism – as the company finances the breakfasts anyway, it only means that the retweets were worthless and Kellogg's only wanted to improve their image on the suffering of the children. • Moral Using poor children to improve statistics on Twitter might not be well received, even more so if we provide a condition – food for a retweet. Moreover, it was a bad idea to suggest – in the apology – that the earlier tweet was, essentially, a lie.

2. Find the difference Failure of reason • Context Home Depot sponsors the College Gameday programme, which is broadcast before the American Football matches in the students' league. The tweet and the photograph we show is a part of the support for this event by the social media agency employed by Home Depot. • Failure After the “puzzle” was published, unflattering comments went their way, accusing Home Depot of racism – in the end, the very fact of asking such a question suggests that there may be doubts. The response was quick: Home Depot removed the tweet, fired the agency and sent an apology to anyone that tweeted about it with indignation, but it was too late – what is published on the Internet, stays on the Internet. • Moral To be honest, you cannot avoid such histories, unless you involve only proven agencies or people that do not tweet while intoxicated.

3. Condoms, discreetly, in Batman Failure of crowdsourcing • Context After SOS Condoms app, which was first of its kind, was launched in Dubai, allowing to discreetly order condoms via iOS app or Durex SOS Condoms website, Durex launched an on-line vote to decide which city will be next to embrace this service. • Failure The voting took place via Facebook and it did not contain a list of cities available for voting. Instead, you could vote for any city, and any city could win, provided that it would collect the sufficient number of votes. However, people forgot that the Internet is the place where 4chan operates, thanks to which the voting was quickly led astray. Distancing the competition, including Paris and New York, a conservative Turkish city of Batman was declared the winner. . • Moral Crowdsourcing is a fantastic matter, but you cannot ignore the Internet hooligans – if they see the potential, they will make fun of the brand. In this case, it could be avoided by providing a list of cities for the vote.

4. Live cutbacks Failure of logistics • Context HMV, in the light of the approaching bankruptcy, implemented large cutbacks in the employment, including among the team responsible for Social Media. • Failure During the HR meeting, where over 60 people were fired, one of them, Poppy Rose Cleere, decided to talk about it via an official Twitter account of HMV. The tweets were live for over 20 minutes, which was sufficient for the message to carry around the world and damage the HMV's image. Of course, cutbacks constitute an internal matter of the company, but in this case, the tweets also show the lack of competencies from the marketing director and put the brand in the position of an oppressor, at the time it was fighting to recover the share in the market, and consequently, to survive. • Moral If you fire the team responsible for Social Media, you have to revoke their access rights to the official company channels before that.

5. Questions without Answers Failure of social awareness • Context J.P.Morgan, the biggest bank in the USA, agreed to pay a record fine in the amount of 13 billion dollars for granting mortgages to persons that were not credit worthy, and selling those mortgages later in packets to investors all over the world, which contributed to the crash on the real estate market. In the follow up of those events, someone at J.P.Morgan decided to organise a Q&A session on Twitter with the deputy president of the company, Jimmy Lee. • Failure The very idea of organising a Q&A session with the deputy president of the most hated American bank at the time must have been born in the head of a person that had not had even the slightest inclination of what is going on in the real world. The questions were sent in astronomic amounts, but they surely were not those the initiators of the action wanted and soon the Q&A session was annulled, leaving hundreds of scathing tweets behind it. Perhaps the insight behind the said Q&A session assumed that poor people cannot afford the Internet access? • Moral Doing a Q&A session in a critical moment is a good idea, but not if you want to answer only those questions that are convenient for you, even more so if you do not know the reality of the Internet.

Examples of similar research you can order from us: • How the X brand uses social media? What does it use individual channels for? Do the activities build up to the establishment of a consistent brand positioning? • The most popular social media among persons aged 35-49 in various countries of the world. • Using social media in the medical industry in Poland. • Which brands conduct their CSR activity via social media. Finding and describing 10 realisations successfully. • Crises in social media: where did they come from, how they were managed. • The presence of the Y category in social media. • And so on, And so forth.

5 new charity mobile apps Review of marketing operations in 2013

1. Google One Today • Company: Google • App name: One Today • What is it for? For supporting non-profit programmes. • The One Today app is available for Adroid and iOS phones, it is intended to enable the user to pay $1 to one of the available charities. The app remembers the selections and adapts the proposed charities to the user, who may in turn share it with social media and suggest to their friends that they should also pay $1 to the selected charity. All non-profit organisations that may receive donations are a part of Google for Non-profits. If you have a charity program, you can join One Today as well – it is free of charge. When the user donates to the charity, the money is added to the Google Wallet and periodically charged from the user account, so they are not realised immediately. All and any payments can be a tax deduction.

2. AskU • Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers • App name: AskU • What is it for? For supporting active actions by dedicating time to complete questionnaires. • Even though AskU has been functioning since 2012, it was in 2013 that a mobile app for Android and iOS systems was released, which allowed the user to dedicate time to complete the questionnaire and to support one of the active actions in this way. The app asks two types of questions – sponsored, used to collect information about the market and the consumers, and questions that makes it possible to build a user profile. It allows PwC to conduct market research much more quickly and efficiently, and the users have a better incentive to complete the questionnaires. Even though the list of the supported foundations is short, they are verified and there is no risk that the money will end up where they shouldn't, even more so that the only currency required from the user is time. www:

3. Hero Bear • Organisation: Help For Heroes • App name: Hero Bear • What is it for? For supporting injured soldiers by purchasing a game. • Hero Bear is a mobile game, created by the Help For Heroes foundation, and purchasing it guarantees donating £1 to the soldiers injured on the battlefield. The game consists in controlling bears, which must transport the injured friend on a stretcher, and avoiding the obstacles – collect as many golden coins as possible, exposed at the unrefined comments of Jeremy Clarkson. Other persons involved in that action include: Lorraine Kelly, Ross Kemp or the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. In contrast to other apps, in this case the users do not choose the case they would like to support and they have no impact on the amount of the donation – it is all set in stone, which did not hamper the success of the action. www:

4. Selfless Selfies • Company: Johnson & Johnson • App name: Donate a Photo • What is it for? For supporting charities by sending your photographs and sharing them in Social Media. • Donate a Photo is a simple way to support selected charities by taking a photo and uploading it via the app. Johnson & Johnson pays $1 for each photograph to the case selected by the user – ranging from surgeries for injured children to eye tests in poor regions. It suffices to download the app, register, select the charity you would like to support (each has a detailed description), select and upload a photograph and share your kindness on social media (Twitter and Facebook, soon – also on Instagram) in order to encourage your friends to participate in the programme. After a successful upload, the user will receive a response message with a confirmation and congratulations for being a kind human being. www:

5. Feedie • Organisation: The Lunchbox Fund • App name: Feedie • What is it for? For exchanging photographs of food into actual food for the children from South Africa. • Feedie is an app that plays on the tendency to take photographs of food to incite jealousy of others and transforms it into something really useful. After you take a photograph of your food using that application and sharing it on one of the selected Social Media, a restaurant, in which the food was purchased, pays a donation (25 cents) to The Lunchbox Fund, a charity that delivers food to poor children from South Africa. Over 12.000.000 meals have been given out via the donations and photographs, and the popularity of Feedie is constantly growing, along with its scope (now internationally). The action has received a lot of publicity in the media and many celebrities supported the initiative – no wonder, it is a perfect way of doing something useful while satisfying your own desires. www: , YT:

Examples of similar research you can order from us: • Mobile apps in banking. Review of functionalities. • Mobile payments in the world – what solutions are being implemented? • How P&G is approaching the mobile revolution? The information about the activity of the concern, its successes and failures. • Using mobile techniques in insurance. • How do we use mobile phones while shopping? • Mobile services of e-retail bigwigs: Amazon, e-Bay, Allegro, Best Buy, Otto. • And so on, And so forth.

5 E-Commerce events Review of marketing operations in 2013

1. Tictail and 10.000 stores in 10 months • Company: Tictail • Type: E-Commerce platform • Tictail, with its registered office in Stockholm, was launched in 2012 as an e-commerce platform, offering users opening and handling online stores free of charge. On 14 March 2013, 10 months since its launch, Tictail exceeded 10.000 founded and active stores. The users praise Tictail for a friendly UI and its easiness to use, the company also offers apps for the sellers, which allow them e.g. to offer discounts for individual products, to allow customers to publish reviews or obtain e-mail contacts to tighten the relationships. The apps allow Tictail to earn money, as the basic functionalities are free of charge. The stores powered by Tictail are now present in 98 countries and it will surely not end at that, as the company is planning a wider expansion, including to the USA, where it will have to face Shopify. Regardless of how this battle will go, Tictail is definitely one of the winners of 2013. www:, www:

2. Boxed M-Commerce • Company: Boxed • Type: M-Commerce Wholesale • Boxed was launched in August 2013 with its mobile app for iOS, offering wholesale shopping on-line in New York and New Jersey area, three months later it handled 48 of the lower USA states. Boxed places itself in the same category as Amazon, yet it offers only wholesale amounts, and more favourable prices than Amazon (which is not a wholesaler). Their main customers include families that do not want to buy diapers, animal food or toilet paper via Amazon all the time, and even more so, they do not want to wait in long queues in Costco. Boxed does not repack the goods from the producer, it does not have its own trucks and only rents warehouses, and this model is working for now, Boxed is growing more and more, and lately it announced a dedicated shopping app for Android. What is interesting, the founders of Boxed come from the environment of mobile game developers and as they say, creating a sales platform was much easier than creating any game. www:

3. Pinterest with shopping options • Company: Luvocracy • Type: E-commerce • Luvocracy recalls Pinterest, and it is not a coincidence, even though there is one big difference – Luvocracy allows you to buy products you are admiring. It is a marketplace built around recommendations and social sharing, using which you can purchase anything you see and the platform will do everything for us. How does it work? The users register for free and they may browse through items, follow posts of recommended persons or friends, create their own collections and recommendations. If you decide to buy, Luvocracy will do everything for you, from contacting the seller (Luvocracy states the maximum price of the product, it might be lower later) to the purchase and the shipping. The only thing a user must do is to click the “Buy it for me” button and an assistant will do everything. If a user recommends a product that is later bought by someone, the user gets a commission, so it means that if that users wants to buy something and recommends it, and later a sufficient number of persons buy it, the recommending person will get it for free. www:

4. Rent a car via a smartphone • Company: Silvercar • Type: Car rental • Silvercar, seeing that car rental at the airports is time consuming and bothersome in general, offered an alternative – booking cars on-line. You can book them, run them and pay for them using a smartphone. All you need is to download the app, book a car (silver Audi A4), scan a code on the glass, get in and drive away, and you do not have to talk to anyone. The service is available in selected cities, but surely similar companies will start to appear everywhere – who wouldn't like to just get out of the airport to the parking lot and drive away, without spending time in queues and completing long forms? The app also requires providing the driving licence number and a phone number, as well as other information you need to provide when renting a car, but you can provide them much earlier in order to save time. When you return the car, special gates register that the vehicle has arrived and then the bill is issued. The fee for gas is settled at an average price and there is no fixed rate. www:

5. Amazon Prime Air • Company: Amazon • Type: On-line store • Amazon has recently informed about the plans to introduce a new service in 2015, in which drones will deliver the parcels, estimating the shipping time to be 30-60 minutes from placing the order. 2015 is far away, but the announcement itself and the presentation of how it operates is an event big enough – the first commercial application of drones. Of course, there are some doubts – what if a drone will fall down on someone's head or someone will shoot it down? In the end, some people are greedy for surprise parcels. There are loads and loads of things that might go wrong, but if the promises are to be believed, the drones will be just as frequently present as the Amazon's trucks, at least in the USA. What do you think, how long will it take from the launching of the service to the YouTube trend “Prime Air Down”? YT:

Examples of similar research you can order from us: • Numbers, numbers, numbers – sales values, margins, profits, volumes. If the data is there, we will deliver it. • A review of e-commerce platforms available for small and medium enterprises. • Analysing the purchase process in Amazon. Available services, functionalities and upselling techniques. • Suppliers of marketing and automated sales services. Reviews of available solutions – in Poland and globally. • E-commerce and television – looking for best examples of combining channels. • And so on, And so forth.

5 slides about the TV watching trends Review of marketing operations in 2013

1. How the global pattern of video consumption is changing? The age barrier in using new video forms is disappearing (VoD, video shifted, YT, etc.): 41% of 65-69-year-olds uses such content more than once a week. In the case of TV-watching, the tendencies of multitasking and multiscreening are becoming popular: 75% of viewers do other things while watching TV, 25% of them sometimes watches another video on another device VoD is more and more often used for leisure, while the significance of linear television increases for “live” events. It is the “live” events that generate the highest response in the social media. pdf:

2. How do the British use VOD? Exemplified using BBC iPlayer The iPlayer users The watching peak is only slightly shifted Using VOD is largely seasonal, e.g. in the is a group only slightly younger compared with TV. VoD is used more holidays, such services are used less than the general audience. The difference is willingly frequently. In the years 2010, 2011 and not big. in bed 2013 we could see a significant increase of with a tablet in hand. using the iPlayer in January – the Santa Clause effect has come to town, giving out the top gift of the recent years – tablets and smartphones? pdf:

3. What has happened over the past 15 years? 1997 – 2012 / USA Scope A strong campaign in 1997 in the USA was able to achieve 80% of the scope in 3 weeks, and in 2012 – only 60%, and after many weeks of broadcasting. scope 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Frequency In 1997, 20% “heavy TV viewers” was reached by “only” 40% of the given spot broadcasts, while in 2012 – as much as 60 or even 80%. Frequency distribution in 1997 80% 3 weeks 1997 2012 60% n weeks Frequency distribution in 2012 weeks 0 1 2 3 4 … n We see a growing asymmetry in effectively reaching to target groups. It is mainly the result of the growing fragmentation of the TV channels and content. In particular, it is difficult to reach the “light TV users”. www:

4. Don't forget that... ... the internet cannot take over the role of the television. 3% Why? Despite many deficiencies of the television, still the 97% of the video consumption lies with TV, 97% and only about 3% on-line. (data for the American market) www:

5. A few interesting articles A few spot-on hypotheses why buying Do the young Americans watch less and Since 2014, the YouTube audience is (or advertising time has not yet been less television? The answer is “yes”, but will be) measured by Nielsen. It is a huge automated by Google or any other large only a few percent y/y. change in the Google's approach. The player for the digital media. >Report at MarketingCharts reasons and the predicted consequences >Article at AdAge: are discussed by the author of this article: >Opinion of an analyst

Examples of similar research you can order from us: • Looking for hard data about any category, business, services, such as: “what is the volume of sales for smartphones, tablets and PCs?” • Periodic reports on business results of the competitors – a synthesis of stock exchange reports and information from the industry magazines. • The reports about the consumers from the foreign markets (demographies, macroeconomic and consumer financial indicators, the level of adaptation of the Internet, popularity of selected products and services, etc.) • And so on, And so forth. Are you interested in working with us? Would you like to learn more? Just e-mail us.

The End. Thank you for your attention.

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