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Published on January 23, 2009

Author: darsdar


Call Center 101 : Call Center 101 Daryl A. Requerme What is a Call Center? : What is a Call Center? A Call center also known as a Contact center is a place where calls are received and processed to attend to customer needs in real-time or near real-time. A call center is an outsourced company that acts as an extension of a business that provides services for current customers 24/7. What are the types of Call Centers? : What are the types of Call Centers? INBOUND OUTBOUND INBOUND Call Centers : INBOUND Call Centers ?An inbound call center handles the incoming customer service or technical support calls concerning the products of a company. OUTBOUND Call Center : OUTBOUND Call Center ? An outbound call center handles outgoing calls; there are outbound sales, appointment settings, surveys and the like. Who works in a Call Center? : Who works in a Call Center? A call center agent is the person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business. A call center agent might handle account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues. Slide 7: Other names for a call center agent include customer service representative (CSR), telephone sales or service representative (TSR), attendant, associate, operator, account executive or team member. A Call Center Agent may take more than 80 phone calls a day. This is actually dependent of each call. The average call would last 3 to 4 minutes. Common Call Center recruitment and training process : Common Call Center recruitment and training process The recruitment process for new call center agents may include (but is not limited to) the following: take note! ? Slide 9: Initial interview - conducted by the company human resource department or another outsource staffing firm to test the speaking skills, attitude and how confident the applicant responds to questions; Phone screening - this stage determines the voice quality over the phone and how the applicant responds to the call; Slide 10: Final interview - to assess customer service, technical, or sales skills. Examination - this includes aptitude tests, computer-based call simulations and emotional quality (EQ)/ attitude tests; and Philippines and the Call Center Industry : Philippines and the Call Center Industry In 2004, the Philippines already captured 20 percent of the total world market share in contact center services. The Philippine government estimates the Philippines could capture 50 percent of the total world English-speaking market in 2008. This industry, aside from contributing 12 percent in to the Philippines gross national product, is also the fastest growing provider for Filipino college graduates. Why Philippines? : Why Philippines? The Philippines is considered as location of choice due to its less expensive operational and labor cost. The reasons cited for the bullish outlook towards the Philippines have been, among others, due to lower operating costs, English language proficiency and high ICT skills yet low-cost workforce. Call Center Job Creation & Displacement by Month ( 2007) : Call Center Job Creation & Displacement by Month ( 2007) Job Creation by Geographic Region : Job Creation by Geographic Region Hey! : Hey! Want to have a Trivia? Where can you locate the first school-based call center in the Philippines? Got an Idea? : Got an Idea? Yes!, You’re right! It’s on… Capitol University! First School-Based Call Center : First School-Based Call Center Capitol University is first in the country to established a school-based call center which caters it’s students, employees and alumni. Capitol University Call Center serves as a training ground for full development of its agents in English Communication as well as in their future endeavors. Thank you for Viewing! : Thank you for Viewing! Have a good Day and God Bless!

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