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Published on August 15, 2018

Author: MrssamTM


Slide 1: Welcome to TUTORING RICHMOND – MRS SAM THE ONLY PATENTED READING AND SPELLING SYSTEM Slide 2: Tutoring Richmond offers Singapore Math strategies that are geared toward the success of learner’s grades kindergarten to sixth grade. This tutoring approach is aimed at capitalizing your child’s ability to quickly pick up complex mathematical concepts with little effort to help them meet current trends in the mathematical curriculum in our Richmond learning centers. This mathematical learning system has been adopted as the number one tutoring strategy by professionals and parents globally for over a decade. Slide 3: Tutoring Programs Tutoring Calculus Singapore Math Pre-Kindergarten Sight reading Phonics Reading & Writing Chinese Slide 4: Is your child starting kindergarten in Summer Classes in Richmond? TUTORING RICHMOND – MRS SAM provides students with additional opportunities filled with rigorous and relevant instruction as well as student-centered learning experiences. Summer Classes Slide 5: Chinese Learning Program This program teaches Chinese (Mandarin) to children in the GR1-7 levels. This covers written and verbal use of Chinese language in everyday life. This program is taught in small group sizes of 1-3 children per group with greater personalized attention. Slide 6: Contact Us: TUTORING RICHMOND – MRS SAM 3671 Westminster Hwy #200 Richmond, BC V7C 5V2 Canada Visit Us:

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