Caitlin Lu - Mounza's Big IdeaL for Ogilvy Hong Kong

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Information about Caitlin Lu - Mounza's Big IdeaL for Ogilvy Hong Kong

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: CaitlinLu



Hi Ogilvy! 

This is a presentation documenting my attempt to implement the Big IdeaL concept to Mounza, a startup application. Enjoy! 

If you are interested, here are my contact details: 


Mounza’s Big IdeaL for Ogilvy Hong Kong Caitlin Lu | March 7th, 2014

A growing brand with a formidable plan Mounza is a startup application based in California that provides an organized platform for college students to find out about jobs and career-related events on or near campus. Mounza aspires to continue to expand it’s reach throughout the United States and even overtake some university’s career development sites as the top jobs and events portal for students to navigate.

THE CULTURAL TENSION IN UNIVERSITY With the job market becoming more competitive than ever, students are faced with the burden of balancing academic achievement, fun and athletics with the ever-increasing pressure to make use of opportunities to network and find jobs. Often times, they are unable to fully enjoy college as they had hoped to. To determine how serious the problem was, Mounza investigated. Here is a student’s response: “Even if I don’t have an assignment there is an unsettling feeling of guilt when I relax. My mind tells me to go out there, meet people and connect. Finding an internship has blocked out any time I have to rest. It’s just like high school all over again.” Many universities do not have organized or efficient job searching portals for students. This should be a priority for colleges, but instead, it’s become an unattended problem. Mounza decided to step in to solve this.

The Big IdeaL Mounza feels the world would be a better place if finding a job as a college student was not as strenuous as it is today.

Mounza’s Best Self Mounza realized that those who most actively used the application agreed on similar things: “On Mounza is almost every job, workshop, seminar, information session and networking event open to students at Stanford. It’s got so much more on it than the Career Development Site and is so much easier to use.” “I love how simple Mounza is. I can filter events easily and find what I want a lot faster than through the university site.” Organization and efficiency was key to students. This became Mounza’s best self.

BRAND’S BEST SELF CULTURAL TENSION Universities provide inadequate support for students searching for jobs The Big IdeaL Show empathy by creating an organized, detailed and efficient application for students

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