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Published on February 12, 2008

Author: Bianca


Asha for Education:  Asha for Education Cairn Energy (project proposal) Dec. 2002 Slide2:  Outline Part I (a) Asha's Mission Chapters across the world, Projects, Learning curve (b) Asha Chennai History & Achievements Part II Report Card on Education in India Asha Chennai Vision Part III Cairn Proposal Value Proposition Bios & References Our Mission:  Our Mission To catalyze socio-economic change through education for the underprivileged children in India Action Group Focus on basic education Apolitical and secular Volunteerism Zero overhead Core Values A Vibrant Global Movement:  A Vibrant Global Movement At most major universities At most large metro with concentrations of Indians 34 Chapters in the US. 6 Chapters in India. 10 Chapters in the pipeline. Over 150 projects in 2001:  Over 150 projects in 2001 $850K disbursed towards 150 projects Initially centered on metros Consciously prioritizing projects in rural areas in this new decade Slide6:  Govt Nutrition Empowering Inaccessible Bonded Tech support Sustainable Violence torn Child labor Curriculum Devt Special Ed Metros Special Needs Non-secular groups Teacher Training Value based Slums Issue sensitive Religious groups Clothes Technology enabled Street Sex workers Lone ranging heros Teaching aids Mobile Urban Migrant Secular NGOs Teacher Salary Non formal Rural Landless Established NGOs Infrastruct Formal Hilly Gender Drivers Supported Items Education Type Area Segment Education Matrix A unique perspective through collective learning in Asha from over 200 Asha projects Striving to be More than Funding Agency:  Striving to be More than Funding Agency Deeper involvement in projects Project visits Asha Stars Asha 2000 study Learning about issues Universal Quality Education (UQE) Quality of education (Research) Understanding and influencing govt’s role (UPE, Lobby) Holistic approach (100block) Raising awareness about issues locally Giving talks/presentations at various forums Newsletters and discussion forums (Jagriti, Publicity, Discussion) Names in brackets are Asha focus groups Personal involvement and leadership first Fundraising second Sustainable development next Asha’s Learning Curve 1991-2002:  Asha’s Learning Curve 1991-2002 Team goal UQE 2047 Common Agenda Large scale impact Evolve into People’s movements Models for sustainable development Connect to livelihood Greater awareness Projects-Centric Action Do something, anything! 2002 Magsaysay Award:  2002 Magsaysay Award Emergent Leadership Sandeep Pandey, co-founder of Asha for Education, was awarded the 2002 Ramon Magsaysay Award for the "empowering example of his commitment to the transformation of India's marginalized poor". Slide10:  When we dream alone, it is only a dream. When we dream together, it is no longer a dream; It is the beginning of a Reality. The Hope Asha Chennai History:  Asha Chennai History Several projects in Chennai and Vicinity have been funded by Asha chapters ever since 1992. In 2000 Dr D. Prakash started the Asha-Pride project “to make the Besant Nagar area a pride of Chennai”. This project was run by Asha as opposed to funding projects run by other NGOs. Asha-Chennai has grown since then to include more than 10 highly committed volunteers in India and several more contributing remotely from the US, Singapore etc. Coordinators are Lakshmi (Principal of Olcott Memorial School) & Rajaram (Alumni of IIT Madras Computer Science Dept). In financial year 2002-2003, the project disbursements are expected to exceed Rs. 10 Lakhs (US $20000). Asha-Chennai is currently actively managing 6 projects. In the coming months we would be adding several more projects to the list. Asha Chennai leading UQE Chennai 2007 Aug 15 project with an initial focus on disability segment. Asha Chennai Project Overview:  Asha Chennai Project Overview Udhavum Karangal 1992 - Education activities in Udavum Karangal project taken up for support. The second chapter of Asha-LA founded by DP contributes $1500 towards this, its first project. 1995 - The number of children at Udavum Karangal grows from 150 to over 300 Vidyakar advises to "put involvement ahead of fund raising" to develop character in the volunteer base. 1997 - A number of Asha chapters support Udavum Karangal independently. Number of children grows to 550 Realizing the need for a non-linear solution, Asha helps purchase the first computer for Udavum Karangal computer center. Later on, Sundar of Vedas would pick up from this experience and build the Vedas computer center interconnecting 15 Pentiums. 2000 - Asha supports SchoolNet to demonstrate their curriculum development capabilities at Udhavum Karangal. Asha Chennai Project Overview:  Asha Chennai Project Overview Project Pride – Urur Kuppam School and Balwadi. Education of children from low income fishermen community. 2000 – Project pride launched to make Besant Nagar the pride of Chennai. Urur Olcott school founded by Gandhi in 1939, receives a major facelift. Schoolnet curriculum made available to Urur Olcott School. 2001 – Class 6 introduced at Urur Olcott for the first time. This is an event that never occurred in the school's 60 year history. Drop outs and child labor supply are addressed. 2002 – Class 7 added to the school. Supplements added to noon-meal scheme to better the food children eat. Asha Chennai Project Overview:  Asha Chennai Project Overview Project Build Addressing the education needs of children of migrant brick-kiln labourers. Establishing 5 teaching centers at brick-kilns at rural Thiruvallur. Adviser – Vijaya Ramachandran (expert on migrant labourer issues and daughter of former President R. Venkatraman). Project Bridge – at Olcott Memorial School Develop a Computer center at the Olcott Memorial School to serve as a center of excellence for the neighbourhood schools. Supporting Tamil CD content development initiative. Of strategic importance to Asha’s UQE mission. Asha Chennai Project Overview:  Asha Chennai Project Overview Asha Scholarships Low income group children from isolated families. Support includes school fees, uniforms and books. Wide range from UKG to 1st yr MSc in Bio-Technology. 45 children are supported this year (first year of the program). Seva Chakra Funding ongoing expenses of computer center in Orphanage. Critical and timely support from Asha Chennai team saved computer lab from going under. Pictures from Urur Kuppam:  Pictures from Urur Kuppam Pictures from Urur Kuppam:  Pictures from Urur Kuppam Before Asha After Asha Pictures from Udhavum Karangal:  Pictures from Udhavum Karangal Report Card on Education:  Report Card on Education References (i) Public Report on Basic Education in India (PROBE Report) (ii) 2001 Census India Net 700,000 villages 5 decades after UEE mandate in Constitution Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram - success stories Avg Indian adult has < 2 yrs of schooling 400 million people never read a single book in their life ! 69 million boys & 108 million girls aged 6-14 yrs out of school Pace of improvement slow # illiterates on the rise <2 % of budget going into education The whole world is watching Collective Team Grade for Indians - C minus (underperforming) Slide20:  Evolving vision of Asha UQE India 2047* Universal Quality Education (UQE) by 15th Aug 2047 Proposed by DP Prakash Implications Every child in 700,000 villages of India to be in school and learning before India's 100 year independence day mark. Calls for constructive cooperation at a very large scale between NGOs, Govt, Corporations, and Individuals. Connecting to the peaceful independence movement of the past is a unique strategy to inspire and unite Indo people across diverse boundaries. Every Independence day becomes a checkpoint to measure against that goal. Requires use of Technology as a key lever. * Mission named Project Honor Asha-Chennai’s Vision:  Asha-Chennai’s Vision UQE for the Disabled by 15th Aug 2005 And for all of Chennai by 15th Aug 2007 Asha Chennai aims to be the leading Asha Chapter that advocates and articulates the UQE Vision. Demonstrate proof of concept for UQE. Disability focus in 2003. Research in progress to identify disability statistics. Estimates for disabled children in Chennai ranges from 30000 to 40000. Aim is to enhance collective impact by bringing together several organizations inclusive of Udhavum Karangal a best practice leader and long term Asha partner Vidyasagar Spastics Society Jeevan Gnanodaya school for deaf Partnering organizations benefit through worldwide publicity, enhanced reach. Asha intends to create a space for organizations to share. We do NOT intend to be an umbrella organization. Proposal for Cairn Energy:  Proposal for Cairn Energy Project Honor Phase I - Proof of Concept UQE for Disabled by 2005 and UQE for all of Chennai by 2007 Proof of concept demonstrating teamwork between different partners (Govt, NGO’s, Corporations, Volunteers) Use of IT as a key leverage for accelerated progress Measurable and Monitorable large scale impact on the disability segment Project for Cairn Energy (Specifics):  Project for Cairn Energy (Specifics) Establish first UQE node at Udavum Karangal Enhance computer center education project at Udhavum Karangal Make it a show case, replicable model, the first node of UQE Enhance computer center facilities incl. Internet access. Add software and hardware needed to make it disability friendly Provide access for disabled at their school. 2. Establish second UQE node at Urur Olcot School Boost education facilities at Urur Olcott school (10 Lakhs) Build a dedicated computer lab as the second key node for UQE Build a classroom for the 8th standard, 9th standards Slide24:  Project for Cairn Energy (Cost) Urur Olcott School 12 Lakhs Construction Cost per class 2 Lakhs 3 classrooms = 6 Lakhs PCs, SchoolNet and internet connectivity = 2 Lakhs Improvements at Urur Kuppam Balwadi = 4 Lakhs Udavum Karangal (Need specific cost breakdown) Disability related hardware and software PCs, SchoolNet and internet connectivity = 2 Lakhs Access for Disabled to school. Project for Cairn Energy (Team):  Project for Cairn Energy (Team) Asha Chennai Team Asha Chennai Coordinators, Lakshmi Suryanarayan (Principal of Olcott memorial school with over 30 years experince in the field of Education) and Rajaraman Krishnan (IIT Chennai, UNC Chapel Hill Alumni, currently running Solnet Technologies). Asha Chennai US Coordinator, Dr. D. Prakash (Served Asha for over 11 years and served as President of Worldwide Asha for 2 years). Part of the Asha family that is founded and coordinated by volunteers such as Magsaysay award winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey. Udhavum Karangal One of the most reputed and well-run Social Service Organisations in all of India. Winner of Best Social Service Organisation for the Disabled for the year 2002 from Govt. of Tamilnadu. Urur Olcott School Founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1939. Serving the Underpriviledged in the Urur fishermen village right in the midst of Chennai Metropolis. We have the plan We have a unique strategy We have the team to execute Value Proposition for Partner Organisations:  Value Proposition for Partner Organisations Cairn Energy The distinction of being the first Corporation to participate in the UQE 2047 goal of Asha. Setting standards for corporate social responsibility beginning in Chennai. Asha Chennai Evolving to be the leading Asha chapter to advocate and articulate the overarching strategy for Indians to systematically address the problem of education effectively. Udhavum Karangal Opportunity to flower into a greater organization with all its experience and gain volunteer/donor base and also increased Indiawide/worldwide recognition. Opportunity to be a prime partner in Asha’s UQE India Vision.

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