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Published on April 16, 2008

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Shared Services - an integrated approach !:  Shared Services - an integrated approach ! Cairine MacDonald Deputy Minister, Management Services CEO, Solutions BC FMI * IGF Public Sector Management Workshop May 31, 2005 Slide2:  “Like the railroads of the 19th century or the highways of the 20th century, the infrastructure of the new economy will connect the country in new ways, changing how people communicate, how they work, what they produce and where they live. It will require new ways of working and organizing people.” 2 Slide3:  “Now, another public space is emerging, this time driven by demands for government services to be delivered in new, better and integrated ways. This is a compelling vision, but it is one that presents significant challenges for governments as they seek to bring together, and fit together services in a seamless way so that citizens can access them based on their wants and needs.” 3 Slide4:  “The major challenge for these interjurisdictional integrated service delivery efforts is not technology; rather, it is building organizations equipped to oversee and sustain integrated service delivery efforts.” 4 British Columbia – the challenge:  British Columbia – the challenge 95 million hectares – larger than France and Germany combined 4.2 million citizens : 86% in urban areas – population of Singapore Vancouver is the largest city 197 First Nations in the province Top 5 languages spoken are English, Chinese, Punjabi, German and French Diversity a huge impact – 35,000 immigrants/year Traditional industries of forestry, mining, oil and gas, with growth in tourism, film and high tech 2010 Winter Olympic Games!! New Era Commitments Management Services Vision:  Management Services Vision To be a leader in connecting citizens, communities and businesses with government services and a valued partner in the delivery of innovative services to the public sector. Ministry of Management Services:  Ministry of Management Services Service Delivery to Citizens and Businesses Service Delivery to the Public Sector Service Transformation OnLine Channel Service Delivery Initiative Alternative Service Delivery Governance Chief Information Officer – B.C. Privacy Slide8:  Government Agents On Line Channel Office BC OnLine CITIZENS \ BUSINESSES Enquiry BC 8 Slide9:  Service Delivery Initiative - moving beyond the silos Ministry- Unique Content Ministry- Unique Content Ministry- Unique Content Ministry- Unique Content Ministry- Unique Content Government-wide Content Functional “Clusters” Federated Architecture Ministry Architectures Information Value Network Outside Partners Business Process Business Process Business Process Business Process Business Process 9 Slide10:  “Among other jurisdictions across Canada, BC is leading the way in how it is organizing service delivery through planned and purposeful integrated channel management.” Scott Nowlan Associate Partner Public Sector CRM Lead, Canada IBM Business Consulting Services Slide11:  CITIZENS \ BUSINESSES IT Services Accounting Purchasing Payroll 11 Slide12:  Shared Services 12 Solutions BC - Governance Model:  Solutions BC - Governance Model Shared Services Board of Directors Customer/Client Councils Working To Meet Client Needs:  Working To Meet Client Needs Earn Your Value for Deliver Business Money Results 2004/05 Highlights::  2004/05 Highlights: Payroll Services contract with TELUS – improve services, transfer staff and reduce costs Workstation Services contract with IBM Canada - create a public/private sector alliance with that will result in better services at reduced costs NetWork BC contract with TELUS to expand broadband service to unserved communities and increase network capacity at reduced costs Patriot Act / Privacy – purchasing, legal and privacy represented as well as ASD teams Service Delivery Initiative / Service Delivery Networks Channel Management Strategy Measuring up !:  Measuring up ! 31,000 electronic payroll payments every two weeks 11 million accounting transactions 1.4 million payments valued at $30 billion $400 million in goods and services over 20 million pieces of mail processed and distributed over 11,000 print jobs province wide voice and data network to 1,200 government offices, over 2,000 educational centres and 800 pharmacies workstation services to over 31,000 customers 2 million customers served by Service BC New Services::  New Services: iProcurement Time on Line - electronic leave management Voice-over Internet Protocol - telephone and data services Single sign-on for all CAS Oracle financials (iExpenses, iProcurement…) OnLine Auction - for disposal of assets On-line credit card payment for customers of BC Publications Supporting our clients::  Supporting our clients: BC Seniors Online – CAWS Mineral Titles Online – Energy & Mines 18 Service BC locations services - Human Resources BC College and Institute Student Outcomes Program – Advanced Education Voters List – Elections BC Provincial Learning Network - Education Forest Protection Branch – Forests Open School BC – School Districts Privacy Commissioner’s Report/Legislation – Attorney General Alternative Service Delivery – Revenue, Health, Solicitor General % Clients Satisfied with Services:  % Clients Satisfied with Services Explanatory Information: The 04/05 performance result of 67% is higher than the 03/04 result of 52.5% and exceeds the target of 57.5% set out in the 04/05 Service Plan. Source: BC Stats TRANSITION SERVICES Measuring up !!!:  Measuring up !!! AND equally important Solutions BC Client Satisfaction 52% - 67% Service BC 93% - 96% Enquiry BC 97% - 98% Employee Satisfaction 57% - 69% Understand Contribution - 68% Quality Work Expected 51% - 72% Client Service Expected 52% - 74% Enabling Activities::  Enabling Activities: Shared Services Board of Directors governance established to provide strategic direction Centralized budget for IT and HR services Hackett Benchmarking - established benchmarks and baselines for performance measures Balanced Scorecard Alliance management offices Slide23:  Services Classification – $$ Logic Model The road we’re on:  The road we’re on Transforming Service Delivery:  Transforming Service Delivery Through its “New Era Commitments,” the Government of BC articulated a transformation in the way services are delivered to British Columbians. Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) is a key step to realizing the Government’s vision. Its primary focus is to provide cost effective and efficient delivery of services to the taxpayers Alternative Service Delivery:  ASD encompasses a range of service delivery options, from the Government’s direct delivery of programs and services, through to outsourcing and privatization. Shared Services Government consolidates “like” programs and services from across government into a single operating unit which serves the needs of multiple ministries. e.g Common Information Technology Services Alternative Service Delivery Devolution Government transfers delivery (and payment) to another government e.g. federal government collects income tax on behalf of the province Direct Delivery Government delivers programs and services through its ministries Outsourcing Government programs and services are provided by private sector companies under long-term contractual arrangements. e.g. Payroll Operations and Information Management and Payroll Services Agencies Programs and services are delegated to a third-party serving on behalf of the government. e.g. Consumer Protection Agency, ICBC, BC Transit Privatization Government sells its assets or interest in a program or service to the private sector, but may protect public interest through legislation and/or regulation. e.g. BC Ferries Service Delivery Continuum 100% government owned and delivered 100% private sector owned and delivered Joint Solutions Procurement Process:  Joint Solutions Procurement Process 27 How have we been successful?:  How have we been successful? High level support and commitment – both political and civil service ASD Secretariat Central governance: working across government to ensure consistency, reduce duplication of effort, transfer knowledge and lessons learned, identify and resolve common issues Specialized expertise and coaching (deal architects, financial modeling, negotiators) Joint Solution Procurement Fair, open and competitive procurement process Rigorous business cases for each initiative New way to collaborate with the private sector : co-developing the optimal solution Skills transfer to public sector Developing in-house government expertise in interest-based negotiation, JSP … Establishing repository of tools, templates, white papers to support future ASD initiatives Ongoing role of alliance executives Nurturing long-term relationships with private sector service providers to ensure success of contract and best possible value for taxpayers Project Overview - Timeline:  Project Overview - Timeline Initial Treasury Board Approval Nov. 19, 2003 Post JSRFP / Responses Due January 27 Dec. 12, 2003 Proponent Final Concept Presentations March 4, 2004 Joint Solution Development April - May Final Solution Presentation May 25, 2004 Proponent Selection Announcement July 7, 2004 Negotiations August - November Treasury Board Ratification of the Deal Nov. 24, 2004 Contract Signed Dec. 3, 2004 WSS Contract Commencement Dec. 6,2004 TRANSITION IN PROGRESS Slide30:  Executive Handshake… Slide31:  Steady State / Continuous Improvement Image Build, Inventory Assessment Services Transition Service delivered by Government Service delivered by IBM Canada Employee Transition Contract Sign Date: Dec 3/04 Stage 1: Employee/HR Transition Stage 2: Interim Services Period Stage 3: Services Transition Services Transition by July/05 Business As Usual Contract Commencement Date: Dec 6/04 Stage 4: Technology Refresh 1 3 2 Technology Refresh by Dec/06 4 Technology Refresh Transition - Timeline Project Implementation Slide32:  Digital Divide Initiative 32 Slide33:  E-Government Delivery Framework Government Goals e-Government Goals Enhanced Service for Citizens Contain or Reduce Costs Improved Operational Efficiency Economic Development Current Foundation Initiatives Future Foundation Requirements Authentication Security Electronic Interface Interoperability IT/IM Policies, Standards and Governance Electronic Records Management Privacy e-Government Action Plan e-Government Attributes e-transaction processing e-Services Information online Electronic data exchange Delivery Layer Foundation Layer June 21, 2004 33 Slide34:  Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass The Challenge of Change :  The Challenge of Change “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” - Alexander Graham Bell “Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.” - Richard Hooker 1554-1600 Leadership Expectations...:  Leadership Expectations... Know where you’re going - and get there! Put out fires as they arise - address issues Coach and develop staff Get the numbers right - all of them Work as part of the team!!! Slide37:  Orbiting is responsible creativity : vigorously exploring and operating beyond the Hairball of the corporate mind set, beyond “accepted models, patterns or standards” – all the while remaining connected to the spirit of the corporate mission. Trust Formula* :  Trust Formula* 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1/RISK * SKILLS * RELATIONSHIP (COMPETENCE) (EXPERIENCE) * adapted from Bill Cope Slide42:  Working hard to earn our customers’ trust! 42

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