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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: jericzabs


Sin spreads yet God’s mercy continues Sources: Genesis 4: 1-16 Genesis 6-9: 17 Genesis 11:1-9 Human Experiences: habitual pattern of human interaction Cain and Abel Elements: seeming conflict between farmer and sheepherder, God favoring the youngest, Israel’s belief that human sin leads to punishment but also compassionate mercy, and concept of brother’s keeper. Cain = Farmer (competitive) Abel = Sheepherder (pure intentions) Messages: 1) God’s choice is free 2) There is nothing that we can do to force God 3) The moment we turn against God, it leads us to turn against others as well 4) God does not reject us even if we sin; it is us who reject God. 5) We are to take care of one another 6) God continues to protect us even if we fail to follow Him. Cain’s Sin Cause of Sin Sin Effects Note of hope Envy, destructive aggressiveness Murder of one’s brother; fratitude Restless wanderer/ fugitive, suffering soil will bear thorns and thistles God plays a mark/ reminder; 7x vengeance

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