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Information about CADSA Summer 2013 Internship

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: embratch



Overview of my internship at the Capital Area Down Syndrome Association, Summer Semester 2013.

Summer Internship 2013 Capital Area Down Syndrome Association Emily Bratcher

CAPITAL AREA DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION CADSA was created by parents of children with Down syndrome as a support system. The organization offers emotional support to people with Down syndrome and their families, and provides assistance and guidance in several areas. MISSION, VISION, AND VALUES The CADSA mission is to provide resources, education, advocacy and community awareness for people with Down syndrome and their families in mid-Michigan. The CADSA vision is that people with Down syndrome are provided opportunities to reach their potential and are valued by the community. Values: Caring, Acceptance, Diversity, Serving, Appreciation.

ROSANNE TERSIGNI Executive Director at the Capital Area Down Syndrome Association Worked for 7 years as the Assistant Director of Business Development for the Michigan Health and Hospital Association.

OBJECTIVES MY MAIN OBJECTIVE WAS TO GAIN EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING AND ADVERTISING FOR A NON-PROFIT. I wanted to reach my objectives by … • Creating a strong presence on social media • Creating and launching a Facebook fan page • Reaching the target audience • Updating the website • Organizing and sending out the newsletter • Creating a user friendly registration process for the Step Up from Down Syndrome Jungle Party fundraising event


FACEBOOK • Created a Facebook fan page • Updated with photos and events • Used contests to gain more fans and get participation in events • Shared important information • Distributed the newsletter to fans


WEBSITE I was responsible for updating the website with new content and information. I also worked with website designers to build a fresh, new website which we hope to launch by the end of the summer

NEWSLETTER Each month CADSA sends out a newsletter to the membership. I was in charge of getting information and articles from everyone, organizing the newsletter, and sending it out.

MY EMMA The website we used to send out our newsletters was the email marking site, MyEmma. MyEmma allowed an easy and effective way to send the newsletters and other mailing, while also being able to view the response.

STEP UP FROM DOWN SYNDROME The Step Up for Down Syndrome Jungle Party is an annual event to increase awareness, raise funds, and to offer a fun, family day for the community. Thousands of people attend the Step Up event, making it one of the highest attended events in mid-Michigan. It is CADSA’s largest source of funding. Without this event being successful CADSA wouldn’t be able to afford the events and programs they offer throughout the year.

STEP UP FOR DOWN SYNDROME We’ve been advertising for the event on Facebook, the Website, newsletter, and flyers. Contests on Facebook have been instrumental in getting people motivated to sign up for the event, create teams, and raise money.

FIRSTGIVING I set up registration for our Step Up for Down Syndrome Jungle Party fundraiser on FirstGiving.

FIRSTGIVING It allows members to register for the events, make teams are raise money for CADSA. I was responsible for setting the site up, as well as assisting in any problems registrants had, and keeping up to date with fundraising goals for the contests.

OVERVIEW When I first started the advertising program at MSU, I was always worried that I’d get out into the job world and not be good at it, or not enjoy. My internship experience helped solidify that I do love advertising, and with more experience, I can be successful at it. From this experience, I think I’ve improved my chances of getting a job. I made connection with many people in different fields, most of which have relevance to my degree. I feel more confident going out into the real world, and take what I’ve learned from this experience and apply to my future endeavors.

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