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Published on July 5, 2014

Author: RajeshYadav49



A basic presentation on Layout Extraction


AGENDA • Digital Design Flow • Basics of Layout • About Layout Extractor • Tools used • Steps to Extract layout 5-Jul-14 2

Digital Design Flow 5-Jul-14 3 Design Analysis Design Specification Synthesis Design Implementation using HDL Simulation Timing Analysis Place & Route Extraction Verification Verilog/ VHDL Library Std., Cell. Library Look up Table for timing Tech file For layout values Tech file For RC Parasite extraction

Basics of Layout • Layout can be very time consuming – Design gates to fit together nicely – Build a library of standard cells – Must follow a technology rule • Standard cell design methodology – VDD and GND should abut (standard height) – Adjacent gates should satisfy design rules – nMOS at bottom and pMOS at top – All gates include well and substrate contacts 5-Jul-14 4

What Are Layout Extractors?? • Once the layout is made, there always is parasitic capacitances and resistances associated with the design. • This is because of the compact layouts to make the chips smaller. More you make compact layout more will it introduce these parasitic components. • These interferes in the functioning and performance of the circuit in terms of timing, speed and power consumption. 5-Jul-14 5

Contd… • Examine the inter-relationship of mask layers to infer the existence of transistors and other components • Related to Design Rule Checkers – Design-rule Verification • Some form of layout extraction is usually done to create data for back annotation 5-Jul-14 6

Tools used for Extraction • FastCap, FastHenry • Star-RCXT • QRC • Calibre xACT3D etc… 5-Jul-14 7

Steps to Extract a Layout • Create Layout Cellview • Design Rule Checking • Layout Parameter Extraction • Layout vs. Schematic Comparison 5-Jul-14 Courtesy: 8

Step1: Create Layout Cellview From the schematic, we can draw the layout cellview From the Library Manager window, Select File => New => Cellview (Virtuoso is the main layout editor of Cadence design tools) 5-Jul-14 9

Step2:Design Rule Checking • After you have finished your layout, an automatic program will check each and every polygon in your design against these design rules and report violations. This process is called Design Rule Checking (DRC) and MUST be done for every layout to ensure it will function properly when fabricated. • After the DRC is complete, the bottom line in the CIW(Command Interpreter Window) will show “# Total errors found” • The DRC will be successful when you see the results saying “0 Total errors found” 5-Jul-14 10

Step3: Layout Parameter Extraction • mask layout contains only physical data • Extraction process identifies the devices from the layout and generates a SPICE-like netlist and other files necessary to complete the design process • In the Virtuoso Layout Editing window select Verify => Extract 5-Jul-14 11

Extracted Layout Before After 5-Jul-14 12

Conclusion 5-Jul-14 13 Data Preparation Draw Schematic (Virtuoso) Logic Simulation (Verilog-XL) Pre-layout Simulation (Spectre) Layout (Virtuoso) Design Rule Check (Calibre) Layout Versus Schematic Check (Calibre) Extraction (Calibre) Post layout simulation (HSPICE)

THANK YOU 5-Jul-14 14

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